What Will You Turn Out To Be In High School

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EllieNellie27 said:
May 27 '16, 1:13PM

Your going to be 87% noticed in high school!
Your going to be a very liked and known person in High School! You wont even have to worrie about being a loser as long as your not annoying!

haterofmorons4 said:
Dec 25 '13, 3:18AM

"try joining some more sports and you'll be right up there" But I already am, I'm playing soccer.

amber273 said:
Jul 14 '12, 1:21PM

so if im going to be very liked does that mean that ill be popular because i go allmost 90 percent i got 89 but same pretty much. im not annoying .so wil i ber popular.and fwi im not afraid of chick fights .i dare one girl to come and start5 something with me .id win because im taller

Dec 30 '10, 4:50PM

you should have made this multi-result

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