what will you dies of

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KT 4ever said:
Feb 1 '09, 12:59PM

Looks like I'm gonna die peacefully in my sleep and of old age!

Too me said:
Jan 31 '09, 11:51PM

Your Result: boredom

kids better warn your parents now! you are the type of person that likes to have fun but when you dont have any fun reasults may vary so please have fun and just enjoy the fun moments you have

-- omg! ya whenever i have nothing fun to do -- homeowrk is not fun -- i am always boredd. And thats how im going to diee of itt!!!

maoh6 said:
Jan 31 '09, 8:02PM

OMG I AM GOING TO DIE OF BOREDOME!!!!!!!!!!! !:-O that's funny i am alway bored( well not always);)

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