What Type of School Person Are You?

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kinge said:
Mar 9 '15, 9:39PM


baecause said:
Nov 25 '14, 9:01PM

Jupiter has 67 moons... Wow

LeRandomJess said:
Apr 19 '14, 12:08AM

The person who made the quiz doesn't even know how many moons Jupiter has and I AM THE ONE WHO GETS 23%????
It has 67 moons!!!! That option is not even there!!! D:

TheKeyToCool said:
Jan 8 '14, 8:47PM

Woah. This is so NOT correct. I am not a dimwit. Infact, I may be one of the smartest people in my class. Dude, imagine what my classmates would get! What? 10%????? I love school. I honestly love doing stuff like math, science, social studies, language arts. Especially language arts. Come on!!!!

SarahA said:
Feb 16 '13, 6:11PM

A bit of a dimwit? Okay, thanks. Way to ruin my self-esteem, not that it existed anyway. I might as well just snk into the shadows because if I'm not smart then I'm basically NOTHING. I'm not athletic{more like I could fail gym if I took it}
Great, I'm not good at anything. Oh well.

scribbs said:
Nov 26 '12, 2:24AM

Wtf im not a bully if anything its the other way around

Pattybaby47 said:
Nov 2 '11, 6:53AM

This quiz is a bluff its fake and doesnt give accurate results I HATE IIIITTTTT:-@

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