What type of RA are you

This quiz is to decide what type of RA you are? RA's are students also that are "resident assistants." They live in residents halls and "help" students make it through college. This quiz determines what type you are.

Are you a super hard ass... an RA that doesn't suck...but does their job...or should you have been fired a long long long long time ago because you miss meetings, fall asleep during duty, or you like to have a little too much to drink...especially when on duty.

Created by: J, Murphy of www.myspace.com/socc33sbbb
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You're on duty.... you are most likely to be found....
Doing Rounds...and chatting with residents
Drinking with your residents down the hall
Using a Cup to Listen at a door way cuz you swear you heard a ping pong ball
4. A resident is walking toward you with an open container... you would
write them up before they even got to you...then follow them to their room open their fridge count and dump everything...then write another incident reports about that.
Have them dump it out and give them a warning to be smarter next time
Rip it out of his/her hand dump it and then write them up.
Ask them if they have anymore....follow them to their room and have a drink or two
ignore it...after all it's time to go play xbox live
5. You're chatting in a resident's room and you see a unlit candle
You take it and tell them the next time you will write them up
You write them up imediately and confiscate it.
You tell them to take it home or atleast hide it before Health and Safety's
You say cool.....does that candle smell like strawberries
6. If students were playing wiffle ball in the hall... you would
Yell at them...confiscate the bat and ball and write them up for hall sports
Ask them to stop and tell them the next time they will be documented.
Ask them to stop and explain that you just don't want them to accidently break something
Join in beer in hand...we call it beer ball where I'm from
yell at them for waking you up and go back to sleep
7. Your underage...and you friends invite you over for a low key party... you would
Run to the store and use you fake to pick up a few 30 racks
You say.... crap... I'm on duty...it's ok I'll just leave my cell incase some one needs me?
say.. yah I'm not on duty and if it's just our friends I'll make an appearence...
Say sorry no...I'm underage and an RA... I can't do that and you should find something better to do than party
go but careful to run for the closet when anyone knocks on the door
8. When sitting in the cafe' you hear students talking about a party in the room that night.You would?
You comment to your friends about the "RA radar" you have acquired since becoming an RA
On you way back to class...you stop and let the RD know so they can bust it later.
You make a mental note for later...cuz it's Saturday and you need some action
You ignore their comments and think about playing video games on duty tonight
You turn and offer to buy them some beer.
9. If not on duty you can be found?
doing rounds with the other RA on... they can't be trusted to keep this building under control
out getting tanked
chillin with the friends
out at a part yoff campus
writing people up...in between typing my paper...after all I'm working on the record for incident reports
10. Your visiting your best friends and they pull out some beer.
You continue chatting, after all she's no dumb about it and you are friends
You have them dump out everything... and write them up.
You say hey man I'm on duty and could get in trouble so hold of alteast till I leave.
Say s--- man where's mine?
Fall asleep there and wake up 2 hours for duty
Tweak out because they are jeopardizing your integratey and document them for it
11. Do you drink?
Yes, It's college and I like to have a good time too...
Yah with my friends, but I'm not dumb about it
Every Day...I'm drunk right now
Hell no...alcohol is bad
Yah it makes me more tired though
12. You walk by a room where they are playing beer pong..what would you do?
Take a celebrity shot and continue back to you room to relax
Have them clean it up and give them warning
Write them up, dump everything insight, confiscate the table and destroy it
Have then clean up and explain that you're doing you job, have them take the table down stairs, and document them cuz that the policy right now
Write them up, confiscate everything, call the RD to help, and lecture them on drinking games
13. You're of age to drink...and your resident ask you if you drink....you say?
Yah, I have beer for breakfast
Drinking is bad and really dumb
Sometimes, when I'm out with my friends...
zzzzzZZZZZZ.....as you sleep through the conversation
14. Your beliefs about drinking are....
It's College it's gonna happen....just be smart...don't break stuff, fight, and vomit
the drinking age should be 12...cuz thats when I started...
it's a useless activity
it helps me sleep better
I like it only cuz it helps me get lots of write ups and piss people off.
15. You give warnings....when?
Atleast the first time...everyone makes mistakes
all the time....I don't do incident reports
all the time when I confiscate their beer to drink myself

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