What Type of Guy Likes you?

Who do you think you'll fall in love with? This quiz will hopefully tell you. It's my first ever quiz but I think it's good ^-^ And seriously if you end up being goth. You should never take this quiz. Please rate this how you feel it is at the end and if you end up getting who you thought you were going to be then congratz! I hope you find your true love, though i doubt that a quiz online will help you. This is more just for fun.

Normally i would tell you the possible answers but then it would be easy to set it up. Figure it out on your own and i hope your not goth. I hope you get the one you want. And if you dont, then maybe its wrong. But i doubt it. Have fun, but not too much XD

Created by: Brooke
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You see your friends hanging out in a group and go join them. They all start talking about how _____ really likes you and how hes looking now! What do you do?
blush and tell them that you dont care (when you really do)
Walk over to him and say "Sup. Go die"
Walk over and start flirting with him giving him cute looks.
Start talking to him normally like it no big deal
4. Your crush finally asks you out and you think to yourself..
"Wow. Took him long enough"
"I was so worried he didnt like me"
"It's going to be fun going to the movies with him, and just hanging"
"I hope he brings blood for me to drink"
5. Your best friend asks your crush out and you want to...?
Kill her! Shes knows you like him. Shes a backstabber.
Hope the he still likes you and pretend you dont care.
Deal with it. It's okay if she likes him to.
Sneak into her bedroom and night and kill her
6. You see a cute outfit and the best designer ever! Then you see another one at a diffrent store thats so much cheaper. What do you do?
Buy the designer one. Who cares about money? I need that outfit and having it from somewhere else would be embarrising.
Wait for it to come on sale and look for ohter outfits. If you cant get it there later you'll buy it somewhere else.
Buy the other one. Who needs designer clothes if it looks cute?
Ignore it and go find some chains and a black top.
7. Someone starts a fight at a mall you?
Walk over and get in the middle telling them to break it up. And steal the attention away form everyone!
Kill them both, they're idiots.
Ignore them to afraid to go in and stop them.
Walk up breaking them up and trying to get them both calmed down. You dont care about attention
8. A guy starts talking about how girls can only cook and clean and could never beat a guy in sports. Your first reaction is to?
Slit his throat. Now he cant talk and hes dead.
Slap him then race him and beat him badly!
Dare him to race you, then beat him smirking.
Race him beating him but to shy to brag
9. On your frist date. Would you kiss your date?
No, but i'd bite him and drink his blood (me: Whats wrong with you???)
depends on how it went. I might kiss him if i knew him well enough.
I'd wait for him to kiss me!
Of course! That insures me to be popular!
10. Who do you think you'll get?
Cute and Shy type!
Best Friend!
Popular Jock!
Emo Freak!
11. Rate my quiz?
Depends on my answer?
No. Jerk. I'm killing you.
I'm to quiet.
12. Might as well. Favorite color?
Red, orange, yellow
Green, blue
Pink (screw purple!)

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