what type of friend are you?

What type of friend are you? Do you care about yuor friends? Are you true to your friends? Do you think you do enough for your friends? The 'what type of friend are you' quiz should tell you exactly what your like as a friend!

Do You help your friends out, cheer them up when their down, keep their secrets? Take this quiz and find out what type of friend you are!Take the quiz! it's really good if you dont believe this stuff just do it for fun! take it! pleeeaaase!

Created by: gem
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3. When your friends are sad and down, what do you do?
leave them, they'll sort it out
leave someone else to deal with it, your not good at these situations
go and comfort them, how could you just leave them?
tell them a joke, make them laugh
give them a few hugs and reassure them its all alright
Do whatever is possible for them, their your friend!
4. If someone tries to come between you and your bestest friend ever, what do you do?
Start a fight with them, they'll never come between you
tell them to back off, she's your friend not theirs!
let them be friends, but make sure they dont mess up your friendship
let them take your friend, you have others
get a huge gang to beat her up
tell her she can be her friend, but she'll never ruin your friendship
5. If your friend tells you they cant hang out, then later you see them hanging with another friend, what would you do?
confront them about it, why should they leave you out?
go join them, the more the merrier
stalk them, you WILL catch them out?
leave it you dont have to be together all the time
leave thm hanging, but confront them later
beat the other kid up for stealing your friends
6. Your friend tries on a new outfit and really likes it, but it looks hideous, do you tell her?
Yes, of course straight away!
Yes, but let them down lightly, you cant have them looking awful now can you?
No, leave them, their happy arent they?
No, it'll be funny, them looking like a clown in public!
7. your best friend just got a boyfriend. Your walking down the street and see him kissing another girl, what do you do?
Call your friend and tell her then and there she deserves to know
Don't tell her, it'll break her heart
Call her, tell her to get there right now to see for herself
Give her hints, she'll eventually get it
8. Someone starts spreading a rumour about Your friend, but this friend has no idea, what do you do?
Tell your friend, it's not fair
Confront the rumour starter, tell them to back off
get someone else to tell your friend, you dont want to get involved much
Someone to confront the rumour starter, you darent do it yourself!
9. One of your closest friends starts hanging out with your worst enemies, do you dump this friend?
Yes, she knows you hate them
No, She can hang with both you and them
10. Your mum and dad want you to stop hanging with a certain friend do you?
No, friends are everything to you
Yes, Family is more important than friends
11. You really fancy one of your friends, but you darent tell him/her. Do you...
Pluck up the courage and tell them
Leave it, it will ruin your friendship
They'll soon catch you staring at them, they have to find out sometime
Ask another friend to tell them
12. Your friend tells you a major secret, do you keep it?
Yes, of course
No, everyone deserves to know, its sooooo exciting!

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