What Type Of Flirt Are You?

" What type of flirt are you? " well;; your about to find out! this qwiz is just something i pulled together, while i was on a plane to new york city

dont you want to find out what type of flirt are YOU? maybe i could give you some advice with the one you scored~! leave me a comment in the end (: it'll like totally be amazing of you :]] omg :]] do itt already!

Created by: e l i z a b e t h
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. when you see your crush, you?
hang back, and watch from afar.
smile at him/her and turn away.
run up to him/her scream and hug them.
wink at them, and watch them fall for your pearly white smile.
4. a very cute boy/girl just asked you to dance you?
galk at them, turn red and run away.
are relieved someone asked you to dance, smile and nod.
jump, up and down like a spaz!
your already dancing with someone. but you smile and grab there hand.
5. what do ppl setrotype you as? (answer honestley! or wont work)
nothing,ppl dont notice you. loner.
just another girl. normal.
miss/mr perfect. cheerleader/jock.
6. how often do you go out?
never, noone ever asks me.
sometimes,not always.
whenever i have time away from stalking zac efron.
always, i'm always up with my social outtings
7. what do you do friday night?
read a book. stay at home.think about your crush.
have a sleepover with the best friend.and dish about your crush;s
try and sneak into some cute guys/girls house.
party! clubbing or hanging with a big group of ppl. & of course the cute boys/girls are there with you!
8. you just got asked out by a cute boy/girl, you say?
smile akwardley, run away in risk of getting enbarressed.
you nod and start talking to them :)
kiss them. and start ripping off there clothes.
you just broke up with your bf/gf. but you dont say yes just yet. you hook him/her with a intense look, and kiss them rapidly and turn away, looking back a little smiling. CLASSIC.
9. your going to the club; what do you where?
pants and a sweater. keep it dark so you dont risk being noticed.
jeans and a cute dressy top. nothing to flashy.
a long shirt that you ripped alot. and big chunky heels. with a medallion.
a cute little black dress and some chanel heels.
10. you see a celeb at the club, what do you do?
look at them from afar.
get talked into by your friends to come up to them.
run up to them and reach out franicley.
your already chatting them up! drink and all. :]]
11. you get in a fight with your bf/gf and break up, what do you do?
get home and cry! by yourself.
your really upset. but you move on. with friends help.
you freak out on them and have breakup s*x.
noone breaks up with you! you call up your crew and get a girls/guys night together! you meet a few cute boys/girls along the way ;]
12. did you like this qwiz?
i dont know.
i want my answers already!

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