How much of a flirt are you?

This quiz is all about people being flirty how much of a flirt they are this quiz should teach them to calm down wiv the bois and be more carfull about what there doing i hope they will see sence in what they are doing and take somthing away with them knowing to think before they do thing tey will regret

Are you a flirty person? take this quiz and find out lets see what type of flirt you really are ........ do you really think you have what it takes to be the flirest person to take my quiz ets hope so fingers crossed this quiz shouldnt take long ony a few minutes out of your precious time i hope you will be kind enough to spare that time and relax and take the best quiz ever .... think you can ope with what lies before you.......

Created by: Leanne xxx
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your out shopping and you see a group of boys what do you do...
Put Your hood up and head straight 4 the door
Walk past as if you havnt noticed them
Go over and ask them all for there numbers
4. Your out clothes shopping and a hot lad askes you for your number what do you do...
yeah sure youh can it and give it him
ermm well i dont really no you but oh well
eww no i dont know you go away
5. You going out on a date where do youh expet to go....
to movies and dinner
fancy restraunt and bak to his place
walk in the park
6. your staying at his place for the night... and you find a comdom in his draw what do you do...
Question him on why hes got it
Say nothing you have got 1 as well
Leave immediatly
7. your mate really likes the same guy you do what do you do....
Ask him out quick before she does
Let her have him hes not that nice
You hook your mate up with him even tho your jealous
8. You are out with your boyfriend and a fit lad askes you for your number hat do you do...
Sorry guys im taken
Give him your number stuff your boyfriend
Say sorry but you get his number
9. you get asked out by 3 different people on the same day what do you do...
Date them all
Let them all down you cant deside which one you like more
Pick the fittest one
10. You have ust finished with your boifriend... and his bezzie mate askes you out what do you do...
Say yas to make your ex jeaous
Say no sorry it too soon
Say okiee we'll see how it goes
11. your not single!!! and you end up snogging sum fit lad at a party what do you do...
Pull away your not a playa
Carry on hes a good kisser
Tell him your not single sorry
12. you end up sleeping with your bezzie mate boifriend what do you do...
Keep it a secret
Immidiatly tell her its not fair
wait till sum1 else finds out about it and tells her

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