What type of fantasy character are you?

I've always wanted to try making a quiz. This would be my first. It went without saying that a quiz of this type should be the first thing I try to make lol. So yeah this includes many of the stero-type of fantasy.

Have you ever wanted to be a fantasy character? Have you no idea about fantasy? Well then take this little quiz just to see what is out there. Or because you love me ^_^

Created by: Clayton
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. (Keep in mind you are in a fantasy world) It is noon time, what are you doing?
Just waking up
Training like crazy
Sitting overlooking a valley
Drawing out your plans for the day, or week.
Shopping in town with friends (buying things)
Standing outside a shop window awwing over the new gear in the shops, wishing you could buy it.
4. Walking down the road to a local shop, you see a man being attacked by a goblin. You...
Valiently attack, and slay the demon, no contest.
Engage combat, struggle back and forth, but eventually I would win.
Ignore them, not really my problem.
Be forced to help them by someon else.
Can't help but laugh at them.
Try to fight it, only to be defeated yourself.
5. Someone is being mugged in a dark ally! You...
Quickly go get help.
Laugh as yo walk by.
Run over to aid them.
Simply don't care.
Are the one mugging them.
Are the one being mugged...
6. You find a puppy, looking creature. You decide to keep it. You name it..
Pup, it's short, and to the point. Perfect.
Pupply Puppy, it's a really cute dog, why not a really cute name?
Killer.... someday... someday.
Hunter, smart, fast, and cunning. Just my type.
Luke. I have an uncle named Luke.
7. You are running to someone who means everything to you, and is about to be killed. Suddenly as you go to reach out screaming "No!" at the attacker you...
Shoot lightning from your finger tips. (Something you have never done before now)
Throw your sword at the attacker. This will not be forgiven!
Could only manage to get in the way of the killer... giving your own life to save the person you love.
realize you are powerless, crying as the attacker kills the one you love.
Don't really understand why everyone thinks you care for this person anyway.
Help guide the blade into the one you love's heart. Why make them suffer another day of life?
8. You are bleeding heavily and before you stands....
Him, he will always protect me.
The bad guy. He finally beat me.
The one who tried to kill my friend... all I could do to protect you was shield you.
It must be god himself.
Something most people could kill. A goblin, or maybe a small furry animal.
A person who's will was stronger than my own.
9. Stumbeling around lost in a city, somehow you find yourself in a tent with a palm reader. As she examines your hands she gives you a strange look. She then askes you to complete a phrase. "In a world of chaos _____ is the cure."
10. You and I have just been attacked by a monster. We ready ourselves for combat. What do you fight with?
Two handed balde
Exotic (whip, throwing stars)
An ancient weapon. (gun, other modern weps.)
11. As we finish the battle, we must do our 'poses' (after wining a fight heros always do some epic stance to show off) Your stance probably involves....
Tossing my weapon into the air and catching it behind my back.
Something plain. I probably just put my weapon away and stand waiting to continue.
Something energetic, with a lot of body language.
Something expressing the fight was hard, whipping my brow, ect.
Laughing, or maybe licking my weapon clean.
A sly smirk, with a sarcastic comment.
12. We just leveled up. As usual your stats increase. You are probably best at...(Best, good, ok, crappy)
Strength, Hit Points
Mind Points, Inteligence
None really they all go up the same rate.
Defense, Accuracy
Mind Points, Strength
Hit Points, Defense
13. Question your actual personality and actions in life. You are normally a...
'Good' Person
Average Person
Questionably 'Bad' Person
'Bad' Person

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