what kind of fantasy character are you?

Find you're inner fantasy character. Are you a wizard,dwarf, warrior, elf or a dreaded assassin. The results may suprise you. Will you be the peace loving elf with a quick sword or the stubborn dwarf who likes his ale a little too much.

I wanted to make this quiz because I love fantasy and I know that many fans of fantasy usually know or ponder what they would be if given the chance to become a fantasy character.

Created by: erica of dysexia's quiz
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2. What is your gender?
3. In battle do you use...
hidden dagger
broad sword
4. Your commander sends you out on a stealth mission do you...
Capture one of the enemy and learn what you can from them
Stay back and use your skills from there
Sneak in amongst the shadows and slit a few throats
Rush in and take out as many as you can
slip in, eavesdrop and come back with your information
5. Fighting has ceased and you have a long peaceful day ahead of you, do you...
Set into some scrolls and manuscripts
go to the local tavern and get wasted
Get back to nature with a stroll through the wood
Find out any useful information that may come in handy latter.<
Continue to keep up your skills by practicing
6. The love of your life would be...
Love is not an option
A strong person who can match you in skill
Someone who's eyes speak of great intelligence
A tough person who can hold down their ale and is as stubborn as you
A fine warrior with strong moral code of ethics
7. Your enemy is holding a child captive and threatens to kill them unless you give up do you...
Get him angry so he'll make a mistake
Forget about the child it doesn't matter to you anyway
Put down your weapons and do as he says
Pretend to do as he says but then stealthily attack
Keep talking in hopes that he'll let his guard down
8. What do you often wear?
Armor at all times.
Trousers and a shirt, nothing fancy.
something fine, like silk, sometimes magicked as well.
9. You have one last thing to say before you die. Would you say...
I regret nothing. I have lived a hundred lives and savored every moment.
You would say nothing shocked that someone could best you.
You bastard!!!
And now I return from whence I came.
You whisper with you're last breath the name of the one you love.
10. Choose you're comfortable form of transportantion
On steed
On foot
by dragon
11. You are faced with a magical foe, do you...
Meet him head on.
Try to outwit him.
Run. You want nothing to do with magic.
Fall back on your training and fight him best you can.
12. You have to choose between the life of you're comrad and your own. what do you do?
I have no comrads.
Run for it.
Sacrifice yourself.

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