What type of Emo are you???

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Curlyfries said:
Oct 12 '16, 4:11PM

same, not worth it, same

Not worth it said:
Jun 20 '16, 10:37AM

Whoever made this WHYY???!?!!! If u suffer from scars and depression like I do and hate urself WHY WOULD U PUT DEPRESSED EMO WTF??!!!!!!!

gothicsuzanna said:
May 2 '16, 1:59PM

90% depressed emo CHEER UP never gonna happen

Ayye said:
Apr 3 '16, 6:19PM

I hate this quiz. No matter what I change my answers to (in the experimental context) it says poser emo. However, I never said I was emo, but I do suffer from depression. But I guess WHOEVER MADE THIS QUIZ CAN SUCK A DICK. Brvaise honestly you have no idea what you are talking about.

Adlh said:
Mar 15 '16, 11:51PM

What type of Emo are you???
Your Result: Not an Emo......

You aren't an emo at all. Congrats! If you took this quiz and you aren't emo, you must be really bored. To stop dying from boredom, get off the computer and do something in the real world or go on blogthings.com

Riot_Horror said:
Feb 25 '16, 10:58AM

I guess i'm emo...Yeah I am depressed,have anxiety, and i'm bullied(Mostly online. I'm now home-schooled....du e to bullies...) Is it weird I didn't know. I mean yeah I listen to PTV,OMAM,MIW,and stuff but I took this test because my mom said "Play the emo s--- upstairs." when I was listening to music so.. I took this test and i guess i'm a depressed emo...

KhiraKhaos said:
Feb 22 '16, 4:34PM

Emotastic emo :3

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