What type of Catholic are you?

There are many Catholics in the world, but since Vatican II the camp is divided - what is ortodox, did it go far enough, is it fine just the way it is - what do you think?

What kind of Catholic are you - traditional, conservative, liberal, progressivist? With this quiz you will find out. Because there are major differences, be sure of that!

Created by: Marcus Urbanski
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you accept all (official) Church teachings on sex (the bans on birth control, abortions, extramarital relations, and homosexual acts)?
Yes, all of them wihout any reservations
Yes, all of them, but reluctantly
Yes, but I see them as guidelines only, not absolute laws
No, some like bans on birth control are actually counterproductive in the fight against abortions
No, some like bans on birth control and bans on abortion are counterproductive in the fight against AIDS/HIV, and against womens and gays rights
No way! Who are these old celibate men in dresses to tell me what Gods will is?
4. Do you accept all (official) Church teachings and dogmas that do not relate to sex (papal infallibility, Immaculate Conception, the sacraments, etc)
Yes, without any reservation
Yes, but I hope some will change or adapt some day
No those that do not conform to science and my conscience I cannot beleive in
No, they are expressions of superstition that no modern man possibly can beleive in
5. Do you believe Church dogmas can and should evolve and conform with modern times?
No, There can be no such thing since dogma is truth and as such perpetually the same no matter what
Yes, dogma can and has changed many times
6. What should ecumenism be all about according to you?
True ecumenism can only result in the return of heretics, schismatics, pagans and apostates to the one true Church which is the Roman Catholic Church
It means the return of the non-catholics but also that we are prepared to change a bit as well
It means that all christian denominations (including the Roman Catholic Church ) finaly unite in the one Church of Christ. Non-christians should join this Church.
It means that all religions and faiths, christian and non-christian alike, discuss and discover the Truth together since no religion has ALL the Truth
7. What do you think of the current Pope, Benedict XVI?
He is the Vicar on Christ on Earth, I love him!
He is the Vicar of Christ on Earth but he is a tad conservative for my taste
He is the Vicar of Christ on Earth but I don't like him he is so old and conservative, can't he be more liberal?
He is no pope of mine in the practical sence, I ignore that archaic man
He is no pope, he is to liberal!
8. What is our purpose and mission in life as human beings?
To love our neighbour and God, to serve Him and enter Heaven to sing His glory
To be good and just to everybody and to serve God
To be nice and kind to everybody and to fight injustices
To be ourselves, try to be nice
To not obey the priests they don't know how it is to live in this world
9. How do you think the Mass should be celebrated?
In the True Tridentine Latin form, of course
In the vernacular, solemnly - it's sacred time
The important thing is that the celebrant makes the congregation feel welcome and comfortable
No way in latin! And we must go further yet: omitting gender-specific language, make it up to date with social sensitivities
We don't need Mass at all
10. What is the Mass?
The continuation of the Sacrifice on Calvary in an unbloody manner
Christ's spiritual presence among us
A sign of our duty to feed our fellow human beings
11. My opinion of the Second Vatican Council is:
It was long overdue, and its changes still haven't been fully implemented
The church was ripe for some changes, but liberals have taken them too far
There are theological reasons for arguing that it was not a true ecumenical council
It didn't go far enough; we need a Third Vatican Council
12. "The Church should return to the pre-Vatican II way (old Mass, no modernism, etc)"
Yes, clearly the moderist experiment has failed miserably
Yes but the old Mass and "way of life" should be optional ony, those who wish to have the New Mass should be able to
No, but Vatican II must be re-interpreted in the light of Tradition
No, things are fine just the way they are
No, on the contrary we must go even further, but those who keep insisting on the old Mass should be tolerated
No, we must go even further, and the old Mass and old way of Catholic life bust be destroyed once and for all

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