What type of Call of Duty player are you?

There are many types of Call of Duty players in the world of gaming. Rivalries are intense between some groups while others co-exist happily in an online environment.

The question is, where do YOU fit in with respect to the COD gaming community? Where do you stand on controversial issues such as hacking, modding, or griefing? What tactics and styles of play do you utilize to eliminates your enemies? Above all, why do you play in the first place? This quiz seeks to better understand the distribution of opinions in the COD community. Let your voice be heard!

Created by: Dan
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which of the following options most accurately describes what motivates you to play Call of Duty?
I want to win games with my team
I want to maintain a high kill to death ratio
I want to get awesome clips for my montage
I want to cause as much mahem and controversy as possible
I want to play an active, fast-paced game that is always fresh and exciting
I want to enjoy spending time with my friends
4. What primary weapon would you be most likely to use?
A silenced SMG
A bolt action sniper with FMJ
Whatever is most effective, regardless of glitches and exploits
Whatever is most effective, but isn't glitched or exploitive
Whatever pisses people off the most to be killed by
Dude, I don't care, pass me another brewski why dontcha?
5. If you had to choose between these options, which would you use as your clan tag?
6. What types of COD gameplay do you most enjoy watching on youtube?
Gameplay commentaries stressing team tactics
Gameplay commentaries where the guy just talks about his everyday life
Gameplay commentaries stressing lone wolf tactics
Any gameplay that includes an impressive K/D in the title
Montages with slick editing and rediculous clips
A Top 10 COD fails series
7. In a 1v1 Search and Destroy clutch situation, what do you do?
Go for the awesome killcam with a throwing knife or noscope
Find a way to kill yourself with all of your team mates watching from the sidelines
Camp the bomb site with claymores and sit tight
Run around the map until you find the person
Tell anyone in the room you're playing in to watch, cause this is gonna get epic
Play as smart as you can and do what is necessary to get the win for your team
8. Killstreaks are for ...
... bragging rights among friends.
... maximizing the number of kills you get in a match.
... noobs. All I need is my Intervention.
... getting people to rage quit.
... helping my team capture objectives and win games.
... keeping me hidden and showing me enemy whereabouts.
9. Would you ever consider modding / boosting / using glitches and exploits?
10. What do you think about knives?
I like them 'cause they're silent.
Hell yes! Throwing knives are awesome!
None of the above
11. What would you do if a game was going badly for you and your team?
Dashboard. Gotta protect my K/D!
Try to make the other team ragequit before they win.
Rally my team mates and make a push for victory!
The game is practically lost anyways so may as well go for some more montage clips.
Finish the game same as you would any other game.
Continue rushing enemy objectives and spawn points - if your team won't help you'll have to do it yourself!
12. Do you play with a mic?
Yeah, so I can talk trash and piss people off.
Yeah, so I can put people in their place.
Yeah, so I can chat with my friends.
Yeah, so I can facilitate good teamwork.
Yeah, so I can compare K/D ratios with my team mates.
I don't need a mic - I work alone!

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