What type of animal are you?

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Vion said:
Jul 20 '15, 6:40AM

I got Lion

moonchild456 said:
Dec 4 '14, 12:38AM

I got squirrel. I like squirrels a lot, but I prefer birds. Speaking of which try my quiz on what bird you would be.

Elliryanna said:
Feb 9 '14, 10:32PM

Owl, YAY, I love owls!

Bella Cullenz said:
Mar 31 '13, 5:01PM

Squirrel but i think i am a hamster tho

anime2709 said:
Nov 14 '12, 12:13PM

I don't dance. I also hate pink, and have nothing wrong with black... no flamingo.

sam5756 said:
Jul 7 '12, 10:44AM

I hate ants.

vampiresmymuse said:
Apr 20 '12, 2:46PM

I got squirrel to!Haha nuts;)

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