What type and rank of wolf are you?

Want to be a wolf? Come see if you'd be good and follow the rules and stand your ground, or see if you'd break all the rules and get killed. Are you the leader? The beta? Or a follower? Come find out!

Would you be a good wolf if you were one? What color would you be? What rank would you have? Would you have pups? How many? What would your rank be? Where would you live? Come find out!

Created by: lilly
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you were a wolf, what color would you be?
silver, as silver as the moons night mist
brown, as brown as melted milk chocolate
grey, as grey as cement on a hot day
white, as white as a fresh blanket of december snow
blue! im out going as you can see
eh, any color would do as long as im a wolf!
4. If you were a wolf, how many pups would you want?
1 - 2, i dont like kids...
3 - 4, fair enough ammount
5 - 6, i like pupĀ§
7 - 8, i love kids
8 - 9
10 or 11, what a crowded den that would be am i right!?
5. If you were a wolf, where would you want your territory?
a misty and dark tree-filled forest
a misty river bank
a cold snow filled tundra
a desert
im an imagrant, i travel
6. If you were a wolf, what would you want your name to be?
something mysterious, like Mist!
something outgoing! like... taco!
something flirty, like Flora
something cute, like Rose
something sporty, like soccer!!
anything if im a wolf!
7. If you were a wolf, what rank would you want?
anything as long as im in charge!
i dont understand wolfy talk
8. Someone is trying to kill your mate, what do you do?
kill them!
get angry
relax, my mate will handle it
eh, i was gonna ditch him in a forest anyways, why bother?
tell the alpha!
which mate are you talking about? i have lots
9. If a random wolf came to you and said "do you trust me?" What would you say?
um... do i know you?
ignore them
heck yeah!
dont know you... but sure!
10. If you were a wolf, what would be your diet?
MEAT! anything meat! deer, elk, birds, anything alive!
um... suddenly, you're feeling like a vegitarian...
well... what does a wolf eat?
if im a wolf, i'll eat whatever the heck they want me to!
whatever is served to me
11. Answer this truthfully, yes or no? Doesn't matter what I'm asking, just answer.
go away jerk!
12. What is your wolfy pass time?
tanning.... ugh.... dang fur!
playing rabbit tag
whatever the alpha would require me to do for him/her
not much
13. Uh-oh! You sense danger, what do you do?
be ready to kill
tell the alpha right away
tell everyone over a loud speaker
handle the poacher or whatevr it is myself, maybe i'll impress the alpha!
wait to see if im wrong, usually am
14. A human comes to your territory, the alpha and beta are gone for a trip, the human seems nice, and says she's just trying to help, do you trust them?
yeah, didnt you hear, they're trying to help
ummm.... ask again later?
no! humans suck!
no, humans lie
ask my friends what their doing, i do what their doing
15. Is your wolf family still alive?
yes, i live with them... ugh...
yes, as far as i know
no, they are ALL dead!
i dont think so...
16. If you were a wolf, what would you wear?
nothing! im a wolf
anything around
whatever i want
the latest fashions from aeropostale, and old navy!
anything on sale
can you even buy clothes when you're a wolf...?
17. Do you like being in charge of things?
heck yeah!
yes, only when someone puts me in charge
no i dont do that well with that kind of authority
yeah, and when the boring wolves look away, break all the rules! hey you're in charge arent you?
i'd pass it to someone else

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