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  • Dark emo soul... exactly...

    TNMEBDMS girl Jun 30 '12, 7:56PM
  • Awww,I'm really mysterious and romantic :)))))))))) but the word romantic for me has totally anolther meaning.In this website,quizzes "how romantic are you" mean all these dinners with guys,dreaming about guys,lovemaking with candles....(if you look up to these quizzes,don't be offended by my rude comments) and this kind of cheesy things.(I'm a girl,but I'm not attracted to them,why should I,if i don't want?!)
    romanticis m is love of a nature,listen singings of birds,moonlight,wat ching sunrise and sunset,walk along seashores,listen to the sound of waves,feel a smell of salt,fresh air of winter,drinking pure clear water.......Voila!! ! I'm romantic in THAT WAY,not in sexual of love affairs.. THIS is being romantic.

    machen1991 Dec 25 '10, 3:52PM
  • I'm not so super sure about tje dark part but I've been called a loner and mysterious before.Oh,I got the result and it said dark and mysterious. I'm no emo either. Least I don't think I am.

    alaunsa Sep 26 '10, 1:58AM
  • Light angel soul describes me perfectly. :D

    SheryMagMag Aug 2 '10, 10:01AM
  • Dark emo soul
    You have a mysterious and dark soul resting deep in slumber in your heart. Unlock it's power to unleash the other side of you..the dark one..the mysterious one..beware..it will haunt you..
    :3 yup, that defiantly meh lol

    Kitsune Jul 30 '10, 8:24PM
  • siiickkkk of the Teddy thing too! But it kinda does get a lil annoying when there's more than 2 STN on comments of quizes... one or twoo is fine enough. love the quiz ***1o Stars***

    lilfreakgryl Jul 19 '10, 10:15PM
  • Dark and Emo soul- yup that explains me and STN (Stop Teddy Now)

    Caitlin Jul 17 '10, 12:41AM

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