What Song Are You?

Music freaks everywhere know that every song has it's own personality, just like a person. What song are you most like? This quiz can tell you, and it will say what that says about you!!!

So which song are YOU? Take the quiz, then send it to your friends. If you love music, this quiz is mandatory!!!! It will tell you everything you need to know about you and your song. If you answer truthfully, it'll be accurate.

Created by: ali
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your friends would describe you as...
Happy and nice
Calm and levelheaded
Wild and creative
Fun and weird
Hot and rich
4. Your favorite type of music is...
Upbeat and fun
Slow and cool
Funky and strange
A little emo, but still fun
hard core rap - anything I can dance to!
5. Which one of these music idols is your favorite?
Norah Jones
Haley Whatshername from Paramore
Lil Mama
6. You go to a party but you don't know anybody. What do you do?
Who cares? Party on!
Make some new friends - this is the perfect opportunity!
Go home and hide under the covers.
Stand in the corner and talk to a couple of people who look a bit scary but seem really nice.
Get up on stage and start singing, soon becoming the life of the party.
7. Your best friend....
Is someone I met in my advanced art and drama classes!
Is the person who is always up for a party!
Is really sweet - I can tell him/her anything!
Is really calm and laid back, like me!
Is kinda weird but I love her anyway!
8. You are attracted to people who...
Show great long-term relationship potential.
Are way hot and popular.
Are emo and punk.
Are loud and passionate.
Are really low-key.
9. Your perfect day includes...
A hot party!
A sleepover with my best friends!
A relaxing day at the spa!
An art show!
A Green Day concert!
10. If you had a song written about you, it would be called...
Social Butterfly
And No, I'm Not Thinking of Committing Suicide Right Now, Thank You Very Much
Drunk on Happiness
11. What is your email?
12. What is your favorite pet?
A black cat - cool!
A pomeranian - I'd spoil it rotten!
A fish - low matinence.
A chameleon - how cool is changing colors?
A golden retreiver - fun and energetic!
13. Where is your dream vacation to?
LA for the clubbing!
Hawaii for the clean beauty!
India for the exoticness!
Montana for the lack of noise pollution!
Alaska to just get away!
14. You would dye your hair...
midnight black
pink streaks
strawberry blond
red tips
why would I dye my hair?
15. What is your dream job?
Selling Mattresses!
Video Graphics
16. You would get color contacts in...
a pretty light blue
a mysterious purple
contacts are so much of a hassle!
a unique bright green
a beautiful golden brown
17. If you could, you would meet...
Hayden Pannettire - she's so cool about animals!
Gwen Stefani - she has such great style!
Paris Hilton - she looks like she's fun to hang with!
Camilla Belle - she's pretty, collected, and clean.
Hayley Williams - she is SO punk rockstar!
18. You would change your name to...
something that people would remember
something pretty that means something
I'm fine with my name...
something really wild!
something that expresses my individuality
19. What is your favorite color?
hot pink
black or red
dark blue
20. Did you like this quiz?
This is a waste of time
i've got nuthin better to do
Yeah if it makes u feel better
i should be working on my portfolio....
i'd rather be sleeping.

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