What Singing Career Suits You?

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irene nachie said:
Oct 19 '14, 8:58AM

I got punk rocker....and i hate punk or rock music....whatever it's called.btw,it's spelt "idol" not "idle"

jubilee said:
Jul 27 '14, 12:07PM

good little classical chick cool

kbay19 said:
Jun 10 '13, 5:42PM

Classical. Definitely, opposed to punk rock, but I don't play the piano...

Yellasplitzer287 said:
Aug 23 '11, 1:02AM

i got punk rocker.... :/

vampiregirl33 said:
Aug 21 '11, 11:42PM

and did everyone get punk rocker even after i commented i had to awser no questions and i still got punk rocker did you even do the sliding thingy

vampiregirl33 said:
Aug 21 '11, 11:38PM

punk rocker i like rock and rap/hip hop haha both great but im not that crazy lol

vampire16 said:
Aug 8 '11, 1:53AM

Punk Rocker
You love punking about on the dance-floor! Your hair is ccccrrrraaaaazzzzy, girlfriend! You don't care what anyone else thinks, you just feel good inside and everything is OK.

Great woo yeah

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