What should be your second language?

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Tigerclaw0 said:
Oct 28 '15, 6:46PM

Huh, wow. I got Norwegian, i'm taking Japanese for an exploratory right now, but French is my 2nd percentage and thats for next quarter! :)

Shana_Yagami said:
May 20 '15, 2:28PM

Norwegian, weird never thought about it I was more inclined to japanese, which according to quiz I have 61% affinity for japanese

dannylover321 said:
Dec 30 '13, 2:21PM

I'm learning Italian. Good thing French was next on my list.

Kerzhakov said:
Apr 19 '13, 7:54AM

I got German, i'm a Russian. Strange

Syntrias said:
Mar 18 '13, 3:15PM

I got Italian but I'm studying Russian :3. Maybe I'll just peak at it :3

avocadostone said:
Apr 14 '12, 3:17PM

I got Japanese and I'm learning Japanese (although French is my second language so Japanese will actually be my third)

Randomidiot84588 said:
Apr 9 '12, 6:32AM

Awww i wanted russian! I got norwegian :( Russians are cool :3

yoyoitalian said:
Mar 8 '12, 4:19PM

Sweet, I knew it.. Italiano... soccer and pizza is my thing... and since i'm gunna more to italy... PERFECTO... CIAO BELLA !!!

honoshikun said:
Feb 23 '12, 8:32PM

Dutch eh? I would love to live in the Netherlands actually. Isn't everything legal there? LOL jk

Kristingm said:
Jan 17 '12, 10:05AM

Italian? I wanted Chinese or Japanese >_

Pretender said:
Apr 15 '11, 2:43AM

Italian. I already speak italian. Lol. Great quiz

smartgirl115 said:
Jan 11 '11, 1:43PM

WTF Norwegian?!!? I don't think so! I want Spanish! (Yo quiero espanol!)

Tiny_Tim said:
Dec 22 '10, 2:20PM

I got italian... which is funny, cuz I speak latin. ^-^

Herwe123 said:
Oct 25 '10, 10:27AM

norwegian, well, I never heard of this language!!! But I think it's sorta cool! :)

machen1991 said:
Oct 25 '10, 6:12AM

Oh,sorry,Luxembourg ish :)

machen1991 said:
Oct 25 '10, 6:11AM

Luxembourguish...hh mm,intersting)))

DragonzEye said:
Oct 23 '10, 4:27PM

i got french. :( and italian's ARENT arogant!

Nanodae said:
Oct 5 '10, 1:02PM

Italian? I was expecting Japanese. And the result was wrong. I am not an arrogant person.

Vesa said:
Oct 3 '10, 5:44PM

Quiz creator here. I, myself, got German.

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