What's Your Inner Pokemon?

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Matmail said:
Jul 16 '16, 4:11AM

Heracross. Hey there, good quiz. Fortunately, I rated it 8 stars out of 10 stars! Below are the reasons:
1. No excessive punctuations and capitals.
2. Your description in the result has at least 60% correct, but the rests are wrong.
3. No bad words or harassment.

SunnyMD said:
Jul 30 '15, 2:01AM

Aipom. People don't really notice you, and they don't understand you ether. You don't even know who you are. That is totally NOT me! I know exactly who I am and people can see that very clearly. The quiz says I have no feeling, soul, or heart and I do not care for anyone. I feel I am just the opposite.

Fang72 said:
Mar 2 '11, 9:29PM

Cyndaquil. You love to be first. You are headstrong and brain dead when it comes to math, and you love being on top. People can find you quite pushy because you are somewhat of a control freak, but you are loyal and passionate to your friends, and they love that you're a natural leader. That's basically me, awesome quiz! :)

DragonKitty said:
Feb 19 '11, 10:51PM

Grovle. Apparently I smile a lot. What can I say...NOT TRUE! I almost never smile. Actually, everyone thinks that I'm either angry or sad because I NEVER smile. When I was little, I even frowned for pictures. THIS QUIZ IS TOTALLY WRONG! Even though the actual questions and quiz was good. But the results were ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorentheowl said:
Feb 19 '11, 1:48PM

If you chose mostly the bottom answers, then here's your result: Your Result: Happiny You are an extreme crybaby who is useless at everything. You think you are a tough loner that everyone respects and fears, but you are an outcast that everyone dislikes. If you actually tried to do something, you might be somewhat helpful.

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