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ohinz said:
Feb 11 '14, 1:26PM

The previous comment (dwhollrah) is right--this quiz is meant to be an ego boost for people with a LITTLE bible knowledge.

If you are going to write a quiz on Biblical literacy, first exhibit a little bit of Biblical literacy yourself. What Jesus and his disciples ate during the Last Supper probably included fish and vegetables; or if it was the Passover (Synoptics) it certainly included lamb, bitter herbs, and eggs.

Don't tell me this is a quiz of Bible knowledge or literacy and then give me an option of Moses freeing the Israelites from the Confederacy.

lge2013 said:
Jan 3 '13, 7:31PM

Is there anything like a "50% Christian"??

bab07 said:
Oct 22 '11, 2:08PM

I would like to know what questions I miss so I could rectify them.

PlanetDestroyer1 said:
Jul 28 '10, 11:42PM

Nice quiz but I think you meant to say Apostles on some of those. Jesus only had 12 Apostles but many disciples.

TAK1555 said:
Nov 7 '09, 11:09PM

Just b/c I can tell you what the bible says doesn't make me a christian. None of the questions went into the numerous contradictions and inconsistencies that fill the bible.

patm376 said:
Nov 16 '08, 6:29PM

atheist and i still got 90%

Anonymous999 said:
Jul 30 '08, 6:52PM

...I'm an atheist..and i got 100%...religion is dangerous, i really wish the people that believed in it would stop destroying/ruining the world for the rest of us.

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