What's Your Best Feature?

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Frankiee said:
Feb 6 '15, 5:55AM

never mind.. bye -_-

Frankiee said:
Feb 6 '15, 5:53AM

what's included in best feature? i dont really get it. please help

Fallout3 said:
Sep 19 '12, 11:41PM

Smile? Uh, no. But accurate description.

x_brii_x said:
Mar 8 '10, 9:18PM

smarts...obviously typical.

gh2008 said:
Apr 23 '08, 7:16PM

0o0o0 personality sweetz!

Bubblez LOL said:
Apr 7 '08, 10:14AM

smile,personality,s marts. lol true.

iHeartNickJerryJonas said:
Mar 28 '08, 10:56PM

This quiz was actually normal! My smile is nice I've been told!

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