What Religion Would Accept You

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xXxGhostBunnyxXx said:
Mar 9 '14, 4:42PM

Got Buddhist, lol, Imma Christian.

Christs Child said:
Jun 26 '10, 7:20PM

Your Result: Cristianity, Casual
You live your life as a casual observer, mainly devoid of religion. However, if anyone asks, god is good. I am going to write this last sentence in order to get enough words cause you need 150.
that's true. i go to church every sunday and stuff like that, but i don't read my bible every day or anything.

Deaths B1tch said:
Apr 2 '10, 1:12PM

I got atheist. =D

RavePigeon said:
Jan 16 '10, 8:43PM

Yeah jewish!

Hikaru Katsu said:
Oct 6 '09, 7:06PM

I got buddhism. There should have been satanism.

lilazngirl said:
Jun 22 '08, 10:25PM

i am good:]
this quiz is rite
yea im buddist
better get this rite

KingdomCatHearts said:
Jun 19 '08, 10:07PM

ya b---- im a witch!!! tell me something i dont know

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