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Stardust1 said:
Jun 10 '17, 3:29PM

Er, white? I'm not that into extreme stuff, but ok whatever.

Sir Claymore said:
Feb 7 '17, 1:58PM

You are a more white race. You are more into extreme and dangerous things but still into subtle things as well. You like rock, indie, etc. You enjoy life and its bounty. You may also be afraid of change or difference or you might hang out with all kinds of people.

Correct, well done.

amalie_cabello said:
Jan 27 '16, 11:26AM

yass it said mixed and i'm mixed race.

JokeRxxIV said:
Dec 29 '15, 8:19AM

Lol im asian who know? Im actually French canadian.

snasia said:
Dec 20 '15, 1:56PM

Wrong I'm actually black Italian Hispanic

JasonWolf said:
Dec 7 '15, 9:32PM

I'm actually Black, White, and Japanese

Aussy_Bacca said:
Oct 20 '15, 4:47AM

It said I'm mixed. I'm actually white.

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