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  • I got Super hard spanking.So can we please just get this over with??

    Captain Mctavish May 30 '17, 2:18PM
  • wait why there are two "super awful spanking"?

    MChkflaguard_Yt Mar 6 '17, 8:50AM
  • I got soap in my mouth... lol I have no soap at home so I slapped myself a few times and make myself do sports. (I hate sports)

    MChkflaguard_Yt Mar 6 '17, 8:48AM
  • Was quite good i gave it 5 stars

    OrangeCraft921 Jul 3 '16, 3:39PM
  • i swore

    SkttlestheWolF Jun 2 '16, 11:23PM

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