what pro bmx rider are you?

well this quiz is about what kind of bmx pro you are. it tell you how you ride. like if you ride good or bad. or if you ride ok and everyone knows who you are. there is a lot of pros you could be like.

the reason that i created this quiz is because i love bmx. i cant get enought of it. also i thought it would be cool to just say that you are like one of the best pros.

Created by: bmxmxboy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what kind of rider are you?
  2. how would you like to be?
  3. what is your favorite bike company?
  4. where would you like to ride?
  5. what is your favorite trick?
  6. what are you?
  7. what do you ride with?
  8. what trick would you like to learn?
  9. who would you rather be sponsored by?
  10. who is your favorite pro?

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Quiz topic: What pro bmx rider am I?