What Power would you have?

Hooray! Lets do another quiz! Everybody wants a power, See what powers you are best suited for, or if you deserve any powers at all..............

So what power will YOU have? Will it be dark? Will it be friendly? Or will you have no powers whatsoever? only one way to find out...............

Created by: CoolKelpie
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You see a crying child, and nobody else is around. What do you do?
Go over and help. They could be lost or something.
Run the hell away. They might be a ghost!
keep to the shadows so they don't see you. If they do, then you may have to help, and you don't want that.
Reluctantly approach and ask what's wrong.
Ask them what's wrong. Whatever answer you get is unlikely to sway you to help anyway.
Walk past. They have their problems, you have yours.
4. Somebody who doesn't like you tells you that your partner is cheating on you. What do you do?
How dare they? After everything I've done for them? They CHEATED ON ME? THEY WILL PAY!!!
Oh no...I'll take my partner out for a walk and confront them in a civilised manner.
Oh god...I...guess I'll have to break up with them. I hope my fury doesn't get the better of me.
What? This person doesn't like me! They must be lying.
I'm too cool to be cheated on. This guy is lying.
I'll do nothing. I'm only human, after all.
5. You hear your best friend talking to another friend behind a door, and hear your name mentioned and a laugh. What do you do?
Leave. I can't do anything to stop them.
Lose your temper, throw the door open and force them to tell you exactly what was going on.
Vent out your anger by spreading rumors that the two friends are dating.
Cry silently to yourself.
Press your ear to the door and listen some more.
6. Somebody picks up something you worked days on and throws it against the wall. Do you...
Punch them right in the face.
Pick up something of theirs and smash it under your foot.
Pick up the pieces and throw them in the bin. Forgive the person and make another one.
Do nothing.
Burst out crying and fall to your knees.
7. You buy a brand new phone, then see someone you hate buy a newer, flasher phone. What is your reaction?
I sigh to myself and go home.
Folllow the person and when their alone, mug them and take their better phone.
Run at them and beat them up, stealing their phone in the process.
Burst out crying and run away.
Knock them over and kick them hard. Get their phone and then crush it under your foot.
Do Nothing
8. If you formed a band, what would it be called out of these?
Demonic Plague-Chicken
Static Theory
Earth, Air, Fire and Me
Sunny and the Rainbow City
Humour Me
9. If somebody falls over, what would you do?
Help them up and ask if they are alright.
Kick them as you walk past.
Walk past them without looking.
I pushed them. Sorry.
Do nothing. Again.
10. You realise you've fallen in love with someone. What is your reaction?
Embrace my feelings and tell them straight anyway.
Accept how I feel, but keep it to myself until they say it first.
Not possible. I've cheated on them five times already.
Run. Run away until the feelings vanish.
Do nothing. Again. AGAIN.
11. You're watching a movie with a friend of the opposite gender, then you realise they've been staring at you. What do you do?
Scratch your face to see if anything is on it.
Throw popcorn at them. See if they can catch it in their mouth and giggle.
Shove them away and call them a perve.
Doesn't matter. I don't like that gender.
Doesn't matter. I have a partner.
Slyly move away from them.
12. You're watching a movie. What is it?

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