What Pokemon are you?

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RedFoxz said:
Mar 13 '18, 4:13PM

Meowth...this quiz is scaringly accurate...

Anonymous4151 said:
Aug 7 '15, 4:13PM

78% meowth. Lol

i gots swag said:
Jun 6 '15, 8:51PM

MEOWTH!!! i like the one from team rocket!

hurrcan said:
Mar 12 '15, 6:09PM

AHAH Pikachu 90% this quizes are scaringly accurate for me

blue dragon said:
Mar 9 '13, 5:54PM

I WANTED PIKACHU!...and Im not crazy I just really like pikachu...

Twiggs said:
Dec 13 '12, 1:40PM

Psyduck! I was dissapointed but then I read the descrition and it's perfect...

secret8 said:
Jun 15 '12, 2:52PM

im a cute little purple oddish! the description was almost all right exept i do hold grudges.

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