What Phobia Do You Have?

People are usually scared of something. From snakes to peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth (yes its really real, look it up) but what really gives you the shivers?

There is also the fear of long words. (I don't remember it completely, but it's something like hippopotomonstro......phobia. look it up) good luck!!!!

Created by: allie
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3. You are at summer camp, and spot a daddy long leg. You...
Scream and run away
say awww its so cute
4. You are riding up the funnest, highest, fastest roller coaster. You are just ascending the tallest slope. You...
Get jittery and squeeze your eyes shut
scream for all that is good(out of fear)
scream for all that is good(out of joy)
put your hands up!
5. You are in your room and your night light is broken. You...
snuggle up tight and try to sleep
I don't have a night light
dont care
6. You are on a long vacation in a cabin you...
pack plenty of light bulbs and batteries for my night light
pack plenty of bug spray/spider repellent
avoid mountains or cliffs at all costs
avoid any snake holes!
Just enjoy myself!
7. Your friends want to visit a pet store to look at the new dogs. You know very well they have pet spiders there. You...
Spiders? Who cares!
I go and see the doggies of course!
8. Your friend (really excited)asks if you want to ride the 200 ft. drop tower. you...
go along...DUH
sure I'll go
reluctantly agree, but close your eyes
9. You are at home and the power goes out. You...
find all the battery operated lights in the house and turn them on
love the dark
don't care
10. You spot a water snake in the creek. You...
run away
cuddle with it
don't care
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12. will you comment (no effect)

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