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People have tried for years to find their true personality. Some people thought they were active while their true personality was cheerful. And sometimes, a person thinks they are friendly when it turns out they are distant. Well, if you are not totally sure about your personality, then take my test and you will know your true trait.

What is your personality trait in life? Do you like people? Do you want to find a partner? What is your outlook on life? Well, whatever you answer, this test will find out what your personality is, even if some of these questions seem randomly weird.

Created by: Raynell Coaxum of Old and New Trendz
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How do you feel toward people?
I love to hang around others.
I'm not to great with others.
I like to make people happy in groups.
I want to try and make friends.
I like to work on trying to make something.
I want to find people to laugh and joke around with.
4. What do you want to do in life?
I want to find a great job.
I need to find some adventure in my life.
I want to help make things better for the world.
I want to find a good boyfriend or girlfriend who likes me for me.
I haven't really thought about what I want in life yet. I'm too busy having too much fun.
I just want to find a place where there is not a big crowd.
5. How would you feel toward a person who has hurt you badly in the past?
I would let it go in an instant.
If I were to see them again, I would punch them in the face.
I would go about my business and live my life happily.
I would forgive them later on, but not at the moment.
I would bribe them with anything that they wanted so that they may leave me alone.
I'd be nice and try to make friends with them. Maybe that did this because of something.
6. When it comes to projects, how to react to them?
I love doing projects. I always do well on them.
I really hate doing projects. I want to do something else.
I prefer to do projects by myself. I get more done that way.
I like to think about what to do for the project then start on it.
I hope I get a group project so that I can talk to others.
Alright, a project!!! Hope I do well on it.
7. What are your thoughts on life?
"Forgive and forget." Thats my motto.
"People all over the world join hands."
Do we really need to be around people to be happy?
Everyday is a new adventure.
Find something your good at and stick with it.
Help those who are in need.
8. You accidentally step on your dogs' or cats' tail. How do you think it will react to you?
It will be mad for a little bit, but it will love me again.
It's probally going to hate me and run away from me.
If I care to it right then and their and make it happy, it will feel better.
I will play with it and nurse its wounds and hopefully, it will trust me again one day.
Come on, tough it out! Its been through worse.
I hope it will forgive me. I hate to see it angry at me.
9. Which one of these jobs are you most likely to try?
A counselor.
Work at a daycare center.
A lawyer.
A kissing booth.
Money collecter for nature reservers or shelters.
10. If there is something that you really, really want, how do you get it?
Whatever I try, I think I will eventually get it, even if it takes me long time to get it.
Hopefully, I won't have to do much to get it. I always get my way.
I will just earn it the responsible way, legally and truthfully.
I'll try to aim for it myself, and if I start to give in a little, I know that my friends will be there to support me.
I will get it, but at the moment, I just want to get things that I can get right now.
I really don't need it. But if I do get that something, maybe I can give it to someone who really needs it.
11. Are you enthusiastic about life?
I hope to have a fun, and thrilling life.
You need to work to get ahead in life.
Yes!!! Everything comes to me so easily.
I would like it better if people could stop fighting and forget about how it happened.
I'd like to go outside and play around all day.
I like being happy about things. It's exciting.
12. What is your thought about sharing things?
I love to share, but if I don't need it anymore, than you can have it for keeps.
I would probally have the item for myself. I'm not really into being with other people.
Well, you broke my item before, but I can share with you again.
I love sharing things. I hope that person likes shareing with me too.
Hey, its all good. We can take turns with it.
You can borrow it, but remember to give it back when you are finished.

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