What Nickname Suits Your Personality

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whitewolf73 said:
Apr 1 '16, 3:25PM

I got some weird nicknames

Mar 24 '16, 3:31PM

Im Adolf Hitler. thats my cute nickname.

Kitten luver said:
Mar 15 '16, 9:05AM

All out wierd. Nickname?! Ur all out weird! WORN OUT SHOELACE?!

wh1tep0wer said:
Mar 3 '16, 10:33PM

Why isnt white power an option? :/

wh1tep0wer said:
Mar 3 '16, 10:07PM

why was white power not an option? :/

SkyKirin said:
Feb 25 '16, 1:16PM

Same here. I like the whole Razor T-Shirt thing tho. >:D also all ye people above, YOU ARE WAAAAAY TO GULLIBLE. there's no way that works (trust me I tried for the sake of proving it wrong)

macancheese14 said:
Feb 9 '16, 3:57PM

Non of the nicknames that I got suit my personality.

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