What Nail Polish Color Should You Wear??

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asinaka said:
Aug 17 '15, 7:20AM

i got pink and right now i am wearing pink nail polish

flibber said:
Apr 30 '12, 6:28PM

I've been taking all of your quizzes and I like this one a lot. I got pink. Not really my style, but I'll probably do green with pink tips XD 10/10! Agaaain.

Kierra_LOVE said:
Dec 12 '11, 3:51PM

I got blue! and the most funny thing is....I have blue nail polish!!! xD

skatterbrain said:
Nov 14 '11, 2:21AM

blue well that answers that :)

glitterchick97 said:
Sep 16 '11, 1:25AM

Thanks for the awesome comments guys:) foreverfab1892 thank you!!! I took your hollister at or aero girl and I got aero:D

foreverfab1892 said:
Sep 3 '11, 8:45PM

wow glitterchick97 i almost have done all your quizzes and this one is one of my favorites i got green ,but my favorite colors blue and the best makeup has to be mascara!!! ovrall 10/10 your a hit!

try my quizzes
(are you a af hollister or aero girl)
(what time of shoe suits you)
(what kind of fruit are you)... am i a kiwi

rubyring123 said:
Aug 15 '11, 9:04AM

Then I'm gonna but black stripes, dot(s), or a black tip.

rubyring123 said:
Aug 15 '11, 9:03AM

I picked eyeliner on the makeup question, got black. Then I changed it to mascara and I got red... :D I love the quiz!! At the moment my nails are (In order from pinky to thumb) metallic blue, bright purple, sassy red, cute sun orange, and spring green (:

314FMcM said:
Jul 18 '11, 11:43PM

awesome quiz! it actually said i should paint my nails my favorite color!

MalorieMoon said:
Jul 12 '11, 9:34PM

I should wear green, and for the makeup uestion if I'd answered Eye Liner I would've gotten black probably

wolfgrl45 said:
Jul 12 '11, 5:13PM

Candyadiggit, I shall tell you what I have told some others: Shut up : )

lovepeace8 said:
Jul 12 '11, 3:31PM


canyadiggit said:
Jul 11 '11, 5:06PM

I got Orange! I don't really want to paint my nails orange because it looks like a fungal disease on my nails....I would rather have turquiose! I just got turquoise shatter! And silver! I'm going to try it on soon! Also, STHU NIKKI_KNOX! NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR QUIZZES!!! SO PLEASE, STOP ADVERTISING THEM ON EVERY COMMENT PAGE!!! D:

Loony Luna said:
Jul 11 '11, 4:55PM

Orange. Awesomeee, I love orange nail polish it's so kewl :D

texangurl said:
Jul 11 '11, 4:08PM

i luv ur quiz!!!!! im gonna get my nails painted pink ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

kindkittycat said:
Jul 2 '11, 2:51AM

nah i don't wanna wear pink!

RemysFault said:
Jun 29 '11, 11:16AM

You should wear orange nail polish! Orange is a warm, outgoing color that fits in the summertime, and brightens things up in winter:) I hope you like this result! Please rate so I know how I'm doing, and comment to let me know what you thought about your result:D

Imma go and paint my fingers Orange today, maybe I think so, yes :DD Thanks!!

mniricecakes said:
Jun 29 '11, 10:16AM

You should wear green nail polish! Green is a unique nail polish color, good for when you're feeling a bit crazy:D Lime green is my favorite, but there's a million more shades of green from yellow green to grass green to blue green:) I hope you like this result! Please rate so I know how I'm doing, and comment to let me know what you thought about your result:D

awesome . greem's one of my FAVOURITE colours!!!

Wooden Bridge said:
Jun 29 '11, 7:28AM

IDK why, I hate the color red.
And I HATE makeup. And I never ever wore nailpoliosh ^_^
But, really good quiz!
I like Black and Blue colors.

blackangel said:
Jun 29 '11, 6:41AM

I got green green is coolio its ok but my colors are

Blue,red,black, silver,gold,andpurp le

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