What Mythical Creature Are You?

Your personality can affect what kind of mythical creature you would be, whether it be a vampire, troll, elf, etc...your creature is based on who you are and the choices you would make in certain situations.

What mythical creature are you really? Are you a darker creature? Or are you a more innocent beast? Find out now and take my quiz! Do it fun! Or just to do out of your own boredom.

Created by: Lee_Laceration of Vampirefreaks
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which of these day periods best suit you?
4. What season best suits you?
5. Which activity would you rather do at night?
be outside
watch TV and stay up late
read a book
6. Which activity would you rather do in the day?
run around outside or maybe go swimming
stay inside and play video games
sit on your porch and have a cup of coffee
7. Which of these best suits your friend side?
I'm a loner
I have friends but I'm not very outgoing
I have my friends, but if someone earns my trust they can become a friend as well
I'm very outgoing, I'll be friends with anyone
8. Where is "being yourself" limited?
I'm never myself around people. I'm all I have
I can be myself around a few of my friends but not all of them
I can be myself around my friends only
I can be myself around anyone.I'm very outgoing
9. How do you usually dress?
Skinny jeans, Converse shoes, tight shirts, studded belts. I like to look different but hot.
Tripp pants, black jackets, black shirts, skater shoes. I like to dress darker
Colorful.I love to stick out in a crowd!
I put on whatever is clean in my room.
I like to dress as casually.
10. Which of these animals do you like the most?
11. If you could have any of these abilities, which one would you choose?
to be invisable
to be extremely fast
to control elements such as fire, water, exc.
to fly
12. Which of these would be the best option for you to release anger?
take it easy, sit down and take a deep breath
punch a hole in the wall and scream
occupy yourself to calm down
eh, give me a Newport and I'll be fine
13. Say someone picks a fight with you at school, what would you do?
try and talk things out with them
run away as quick as you can and go to a teacher
jump at him and throw your punches good and hard
talk and wait for him to hit first, then attack if he starts it
14. Say someone is being mean to and friend and you hit them in the face, how would you react to your own action?
I would probably get an adrenaline and keep going
If they didn't stop being a jerk, I'd keep going
I'd apologize instantly and go away bringing my friend with me
I'd feel terrible about it. it'd bother me all day
15. Say a someone goes camping with you and a friend and somehow, you and your friend accidentally kill the person. How would you deal with this?
Maturely go to the police and explain everything that happened and every detail
go to the police and blame it all on your friend
Bury the body deep in the ground and hide the evidence and make your friend promise not to ever bring it up and act like you're innocent if anyone asks
Help your friend hide the body, then run away and go as far as you can
16. Be completely honest, would you die to save a friend's life?
I will not die for anyone, that's stupid
Yes, I would die trying to save them
No, but I would do all I possibly could to help
17. Which is the best option for you to deal with saddness?
Just to be alone giving me time to think
cry it out
hurt myself
talk to someone about it
18. Say there was something really nice at a store, it would only be in stock for that day only, but you don't have the money for it. Which would you do?
slide it in to my jacket and take it. It's nothing big, so no harm done
go around asking random people for a dollar until you got enough to buy the item.
ask a friend to buy it for you
walk away and deal with it
19. You're at a party and your friends want you to drink, etc. with them. Are you going to?
Hell yeah, let's party!
I'll drink and smoke a little but that's it
No thanks,but I'd love to stay and chat
No, I don't want to be here if drugs are involved
20. How would you deal with it if a good friend of yours died? (no offense to you if this has happened before. If so, you may skip the question)
I'd get over it eventually
I'd be devastated, I couldn't live any longer without them
I'd be devastated, but I'd keep in mind all the good memories we shared and try my hardest to forget the loss
No comment
21. Which of these would BEST explain you?
I love to be outside and get active
I enjoy walking around and looking at scenery
I like sitting inside and playing video games and getting on the computer or watching movies
I enjoy staying indoors and writing,drawing,reading books,or listening to music
22. Which of these would you do if you knew you were going to die in two days?
Something wreckless that I've never done before
Throw a huge party with my friends and get plastured
Spend what time I had left with my friends and family and tell them how much I love them all
Go far away so less people would be hurt when I'm dead
23. You invite someone you've had a crush on for a while to your house. You two are in your room when they kiss you and begin to make some moves. What would you do?
Happily allow them to keep going, and go with it myself
"It's too soon for that,but making out is fine for now."
"I can't do this,we're not even dating."
"I'm sorry, I can't do this. I'm saving this for someone I love."
24. Do you believe sex and making love are two different things?
I really don't care to be honest
No, I see no difference really
Yes, but I can't really explain how
Yes, and I know the differences
25. Do ever think about falling in love with someone special?
I'm young ,there's more to life than dating. I'm not thinking about that stuff for now
Yes, I do frequently
It crosses my mind from time to time
I've thought about it but I'm not really worried about it
26. What did you think about this test?
It sucked
Ehh I kinda liked it.Occupying
I liked it alot
loved it!!

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