What Mythical Creature are you?

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AmeryJoy said:
Apr 21 '15, 7:06PM


Is it wierd that I actually like blood? It's REALLY good! It's salty!!! Everyone else says it's disqusting.....

GeekyRobot said:
Apr 12 '15, 7:47AM

i am an elf......maybe legolas or maybe the wood elves but I don't care as long as I'm well, geeky!

baileyboo500 said:
Mar 11 '15, 1:31PM

Yes I am an elf!!!!!!!!!

123lpsluv said:
Feb 16 '15, 11:52AM

im a vampire yup sounds like me strangly I like blood >:)

PUTZthecat100 said:
Jan 31 '15, 11:00PM

im a siren... COOL!!!!!!

Cinder fall 101 said:
Dec 17 '14, 4:23PM

Every thing on here was a 0% and I got elf that's stupid I would be a dark soul

kent69 said:
Nov 15 '14, 11:47AM


Poppy 101 said:
Nov 5 '14, 12:19AM

I got siren.

ThePegasister said:
Aug 20 '14, 12:31AM

99% Nymph

FelinePearls said:
Jul 31 '14, 7:08AM

idk whats up with this. i got 76% vampire and 0% everthing else. wheres the other 24%!!!!

Tigerlover5 said:
Jun 3 '14, 10:34PM

Im 90% nymph,32% siren,0% werewolf and 0% vampire


Mooncookie said:
May 29 '14, 4:02AM


Athalie said:
May 22 '14, 9:44PM

I'm a siren, beautiful and mysterious. Well, a siren does fit me better than say a vampire or werewolf, and I've always enjoyed the myths about sirens and mermaids. Thank you for creating this quiz. I found it very enjoyable.

noctorwho said:
Apr 29 '14, 12:25AM

Either Im a Nymph or a Vampire

noctorwho said:
Apr 29 '14, 12:17AM

Lol this creature kind of sounds like me

Alex said:
Feb 22 '14, 8:53AM

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brightdarkness said:
Feb 13 '14, 8:31AM

100 vampire. Well makes perfect sense. Still. Weird if you know truths past lies. Right? :)

crazyglittergirl said:
Dec 22 '13, 9:45PM

I'm a vampire. I cannot explain how accurate this is. I love to be in the dark, alone, with all of my thoughts. I love this quiz.

UnLovingPlus said:
Dec 9 '13, 3:48AM

I'm a Vampire :] Great quiz!

creativecat said:
Nov 15 '13, 4:13PM

WOOHOO!!! I am a vampire. Not the freaking sparkly kind, either. yOu had the RIGHT kind of vampire. Thank you.

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