What Minor Fairy Tail Character Are You?

This is a quiz to see which of these 5 minor characters from the anime and manga Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima you are most like. The characters are not the most minor, in fact some are close to major roles. But they are not from Team Natsu and definitely deserve more recognition.

I'm not going to say who the five characters are until you finish the quiz. Even if its not on purpose, if you know who you are being tested for, it may skew the results. So, you'll just have to take this and see. Note: All characters and qualities are based off information given up to manga chapter 267.

Created by: Alexis Klark
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3. What sort of music do you like?
I like a wide variety of music, but if someone is very good at playing rock music, I like it.
Most of the time I like nice, upbeat music.
I don't listen to a ton of music, but my friend is always recommending stuff to me.
I like lively music with a strong, fast beat i can really shake it to.
It's the lyrics that matter. Songs about being the best and fighting for what you want, I really like.
4. What's your opinion on the couple Gavy (Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden)?
If they got together, I'd be very happy for them!
It's a nice couple, so long as Gajeel doesn't hurt her.
I don't know either of them very well, but I'm getting to. I'd worry Gajeel'd turn against Fairy Tail agin..
No! Gavy is a terrible couple! Has everyone forgotten what he did to Levy's team and the guild building? He's a terrible person and we'll always have to wonder if he's turn bad again!
I've never heard of either of them, but I guess they can do what they want.
5. Do you get into a lot of fights around the guild?
No, I prefer to sit back and watch mostly, but if it looks like fun, I'll join!
Not me. I'm the pacifist of the bunch.
I don't spend a ton of time in the guild building, but if I did, I'd spend my time doing something much more civilized.
On occasion, especially if I'm standing up for my team.
My guild is pretty chill. I'll get into some fights when they spring up.
6. If you had to change your magic, what would you change it to?
Something to make people fall in love, if it exists.
A magic to know exactly what to do in a problem situation.
Lightning magic.
As much as i hate to admit it, Metal magic.
Do I have to? I guess something that could let me go back in time and fix some stuff, but I know that doesn't exist.
7. How much do people trust you?
Most people trust me, but I know there are some I haven't proven myself to yet.
People trust me a lot!
One of my teammates isn't trusted by the other guild members, and by following him, I lost some trust as well, but i feel like i'm working my way back into the trust circle.
I'm trustworthy enough, yeah.
My people trust me. The only one who doesn't, really, is my rival, but I don't blame him. I've saved his life by risking my own, but right now, we're kind of in a tiff.
8. Favorite Disney movie?
The Little Mermaid: she follows her boy into love and beats up that damn Ursula!
Cinderella: she's happy to serve, but ends up with a better life.
I'm not a giant Disney fan. Lion King?
Anything but Beauty and the Beast. Belle could've gotten hurt!
I guess Kung Fu Panda: he trains to be the best and achieves it, ultimately beating that gray snow leopard, Tai Lung.
9. Are you nosy?
It depends. For most people, no. There are some people I like to be informed about... and some I must be informed on at all times of their every move.
I suppose so. I like to give advice, especially love advice.
No. People can do what they want. I just do what I'm told and mind my own business.
Not really. I like to know what's going on with my friends, but that's not nosy.
Meh. I can get into people's business sometimes, but it's mostly others who are poking their noses into my plans and messing everything up.
10. Do you have friends?
I have more friends now than ever!
Everyone gets along with me, but I'm not super close with people besides my family.
I have a tight-knit group of a few friends.
I have friends, yeah.
I'm friends with the same people I've always been friends with, but we're a lot closer now. I've also made some more friends recently.
11. Are you emotional?
I get really emotional when there is something to be emotional about, but a lot of the time, I'm just neutral.
Yes. I'm normally very happy and optimistic, but I was depressed for a long time.
Not too emotional, no. Mostly I just follow my friends with a straight face. Even at goodbyes, I'm not one to tear up or get angry. I hate losing, though, and sometimes I cry out of joy.
I'm as emotional as the next guy. I get protective over my friends, but I'm not the strongest mage in the guild, so it doesn't do much good.
I let my emotions carry me away sometimes, leading me to invest a lot of time and effort into what I believe in, even if it's not right. I've grown though, so I'm pretty chill now.
12. If you had one day left to live, what would you do with it?
I would make sure a certain someone knows how I feel, though I'm pretty sure they already do. I'd go on a date with them if they'd agree to it. That would make my life perfect.
I would make sure my family was okay and everyone was in a good place before I could ever leave them.
I would confess my feelings for a friend. If they weren't returned, I would spend the day being nice to my guildmates and helping someone else with similar magic to mine, though less powerful, develop their power.
I'd ask this one person out. I've been meaning to, but I think they like someone else, plus, my friend likes this person too. But if I'm going to die, I might as well.
I would apologize to my rival for all the bad stuff I've done, and make sure they use their life to make me proud. I'd also clear some stuff up with some of my friends.

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