What mental disorder do you have?

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Doggy said:
Mar 18 '17, 6:51PM

Um not taking this quiz again sorry but its cause right now I wanted something to help not feel mad cause right now I feel mad and just angry with a friend idk if I can trust them at all 😡

Lexi24 said:
Jul 27 '16, 6:56AM

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DaugterofHades said:
Jun 25 '16, 1:20PM

ADHD... I actually do have ADHD. I also have severe depression and anxiety

Literally_NEET said:
Jun 24 '16, 8:22PM

ADD, well now... I'm not certain, but, good to know!

randic said:
Jun 22 '16, 1:30AM

12% adhd, 0% everything else...? excuse me i happen to have severe adhd, severe GAD, psychosis, and many more? ive never seen a worse quiz lmao

also how am i supposed to choose just one thing in some lists? in most lists im literally everything??? this quiz sucks haha this assumes you only have one illness

Yeezus3020 said:
May 30 '16, 1:39PM

i got ADD . Which is true.

AnnabethGranger said:
May 21 '16, 3:02AM

All of this spam clogging up the comments section.

I got ADD, which is correct, seeing as I have ADHD

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