What make-up item are you?

Almost everygirl wears makeup. This quiz isn't just for them though. Even if you don't wear any/much you'll still get a good result with this quiz. Take it with your friends to see alike and how different you all are.

Are you Lipstick, Mascara, or Foundation? Never really thought about it? Then answer these questions you may never have been asked with answers that'll make you think to find out which one you are! Taking the quiz cause your bored at home and alone? Recommend it to your friends so you guys will have more to talk about next time you meet up.

Created by: Rachel Barber
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your going out on Friday night to bowl and then eat at the Waffle House with your friends. How do you dress?
Wear hair down with bright colored shirt, skirt, and ballet flats.
Wear hair up nicely, fav. t-shirt , jeans,and converse shoes.
Throw hair up, wear fav. t-shirt with a hoodie , jeans and sneakers.
4. You hear the girl who sits behind you in class might be pregnant! Who do you tell?
I tell Jesus to watch out for her.
I tell my closets friend after I get more news from several sources proving it true.
I tell everybody in my inner circle. We always tell each other everything.
5. It's summer time! Which flip-flops do you buy?
I buy some comfortable dark colored ones. They stay cleaner looking longer and I'll get my moneys worth out of them.
I buy some comfortable ones that are bright colored. Best of both worlds!
I buy some colorful ones with a small heal. They can be worn with anything.
6. Woohoo! It's spring break and your going on a roadtrip with your friends. What snacks do you bring?
Fruit drinks, water, little debbie snacks and pretzels
Flavored water, pretzels and 100 calorie pack snacks.
Soda, water, chips , little debbie snacks, and juice boxes.
7. Your in the mall and accidentally drop your purses contents all over the floor. A hot guy helps you pick it all up.Whats your reaction?
I thank him and turn red while I notice how good he looks.
I think him and ask him if he'd like to get something to eat with me since my friends ditched me.(then my friends leave the store to help make my story look genuine)
I thank him for helping me and introduce me myself so that I can get his name and see where things go from there.
8. Your fingernail polish is chipping. What do you do?
Fix immediately!
Wait until it gets worse then I'll bother fixing it.
Huh.. I didn't notice it was chipping.
9. Your dream guy just asked you out! What do you hope he'll do for your date?
Lets go dancing!
I want to go eat out and then we can hang out somewhere fun.
I want to eat too but outside in a treehouse and then go exploring an old two story haunted house.
10. You and your friends are trapped on an island but you know you won't be there more than a week. What do you hope happens?
I hope we find an old castle that belonged to people hundreds of years ago. I want to explore for hidden passages!
I hope I get a tan and catch up on all the newest 'secrets' my friends have stumbled upon.
I hope we become better friends and just relax the whole time.
11. What socks do you like best?
Athletic socks with mesh so my feet don't stink.
Ankle socks that have colored toes.
Toe socks , with funky colors.
12. A guy should be...
a good ol' country boy with a wild streak every now and then.
interested in exactly the same things as I am whatever those things may be.
interested in going out on Friday nights and spending every second with me or thinking of me.

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