What discipline of horse are you?

Neigh! Clip clop! Make sure you know what discpline you are! To the quiz or be a ... a... oh just take the quiz please! Must make this up to 150 words! Must make this up to 150 words!

Are you a perfectionist, a show off, an athlete or an alrounder? Find out what others think of you. Take the quiz! Must make this up to 150 words! Must make this up to 150 words! Must make this up to 150 words!

Created by: clipclop
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. School Talent show!!
Perfect! I shall perform a very precise ballet dance, or something like that, but i want to win, so i'll get practising immediately!
Ahhh! talent shows! Luv 'em! Don't care what i do, so long as everyone is watching ME!
I suppose i could do i a gym display? i'm quite flexible!
Ohh cool! I'll try whatever! Give me a subject and i'll giv it a shot!!
4. Hair cut!!
Just wash my hair and fix it in a neat bun plz!
OOOOO! I'll have something TOTALY different, but utterly stunning!
Er..... Sorry, I'm at a sport event that day!
Oh! lets try something different! How about shaving my head?!!
5. Shopping!!
Great! I need a new ball gown, one that shows my figure
AHHH! I need a cocktail dress, everyone has seen all my other ones!
Meet my in the sports shop!
Lets pop into every shop on the high street!
6. PE lesson! We're going running!
OK! I have been practising my technique!
Does my bum look big in these shorts?
KL... Meet u @ the finish...
OK, lets give this a try... =)
7. Swimming!!
Check out my perfect front crawl technique!
HEY! Do you lke my new bikini?
Look at how may lengths i can do in a minute!!
Race you to the slides!
8. Disco!!
Cool! I've been practising this dance routine for months!
Excuse me while i steal the spot light:- FOR THE WHOLE NIGHT!!
Oh.. Sorry, I'm trying for the hockey team that day!
Follow my moves in the cha cha slide!!
9. Sleepover!
OK, but i have to be asleep by 9...
Cool! Lets play 'confess who you fancy!'
Sorry, I'm playing football that night!
Yay! I'll bring the popcorn!
10. Cinema!
11. A guy asks you out..
Why don't you come to the dance tonight?
Sorry... I already have 3
OK, but please understand.. Sports comes first in my life!
Cool! Lets go ice skating, the to an opera and then to a chinese and finish off at an ice cream parlour!
12. Are you getting bored of this quiz?
Yes, it is tiresome.
Can't wait to tell EVERYONE what i am!
I could be at a sports club right now..
All of the above

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