What level of Goofy are you?

What is goofy? Well the word says it all. If you want to be a lunatic pick the most outrageous answers if you want to be a statue pick the most boring ones.

What level of goofy are YOU? find out here. Dont do this because its goofy, do it to REALLY find out how goofy you are. and don't touch my cookies or i'll scream tyranny.

Created by: Kevin
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If a teacher leaves the room you:
A. put a tack on the teacher's chair
B. Sit quietly and don't move
C. You are not in school
D. You take off your shoes and socks and hurl them out the window screaming "I'm a pretty purple penguin!"
D. you shoot a rubber band at the nerd
4. If your mom tells you to mow the lawn you:
A. Do what she says with no complaining so you get your dollar.
B. You mow the lawn to look like it should but purposely miss a few strips of grass
C, You scream that this is tyranny and drive the mower off a cliff
D. You mow the yard to look like a cookie
5. If your dad asks you to clean your room you:
A. Scream that this is tyranny and drive th.. i mean lock your door and refuse to ever some out
B. You push all your toys into a cookie shaped pattern
C. You dont own toys
D. You pick up your room without whining and do it right
6. If a person needs to go up to the 20th floor and there are 18 floors between it you:
A. step out of the way so the man can press the right button
B. You quickly step forward and hit every button on the pad
C. when hes not looking you press 3 more buttons in between his floor
D. at your stop you push him out of the elevator on accident but dont recall the elevator
7. If a commercial you have seen 30 times in the past hour comes on you:
A. sleep through it like you have done all the others
B. Hurl the tv through the window and then sue the product being advertised
C. get mad and yell that no one will buty the stupid thing anyway!
D. you stare blankly at the TV and say nothing
8. If you are at Chucky Cheese and the mascot comes up to you to hug you you react by:
A. standing there with a petrified look on your face.
B. you kick "Chucky" in a painful place and run
C. you tackle him and then dance on him while singing Yankee Doodle
D. you hug him and move on
9. If your little sister leaves the room without taking her doll you:
A. you dont have a sister or she doesn't have dolls so you do nothing
B. you rip the head off and paint it yellow and then claim it has "yellow fever"
C. you hide it behind the bookshelf
D. you kick it across the room
10. After a really boring movie you say:
A. "That 2 hours of my time im not getting back"
B. "that was a great movie!"
C. "that was a fairly BAD movie!"
D. you Scream that you have been held against your will
D. you dont watch movies
11. You go camping in the woods and after a scary story you:
A. go to sleep and dream of cookies
B. you make a howling nosie and collapse the tent
C. you stay awake all night repeating the story to yourself while picking out the funny parts and yelling them at the top of your lungs
D. you dont go camping
12. You are in the middle of the mall and spy the fountain. immediately you:
A. throw a sock in it
B. walk past and look at the ceiling
C. jump in in only your shirt and underwear
D. you dont go to the mall

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