what kind of traveler are you?

Do you travel? Take this quiz and find out just what kind of traveler you are. This quiz is geared towards budget-minded travelers, surfers, and the intrepid.

This quiz was created by the awesome owners of El Hostel located in the beautiful Playa El Sunzal in El Salvador. Central America is an absolute gem and should be seen by everyone who likes to travel.

Created by: el hostel
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3. You finally arrive to town. It's that time to find a hostel. How do you go about it?
You want cheap, you want a kitchen, but it HAS to be close to the break.
Regardless of what the Lonely Planet says, you shop around for the best deal.
All hostels are cheap, you try and find the coolest one.
You generally already know where your going from previous recommendations.
4. The night is over when...
For the most part, after dinner and a possible evening activity or some book reading.
It's after 12am and people are starting to crash out.
When you finally run out of beer and cigs or you're the last one up.
Generally once it gets late... but your down to go late if the swell isn't in.
5. The hostel your at is sponsoring a tour to the Waterfalls for a decent price.
You go. Why not? Besides, so and so are going too and you've been having a good time with them.
You don't go. If you go, you can't surf.
You decide to go, but separate from the hostel's tour because you know that you can get there for way cheaper.
You're stoked, you grab a few beers for the trip.
6. The hostel is packed and it's Friday night. There aren't any places nearby to party so the music is up, the fire is blazin, and the foosball tournament is on.
It's cool until after 10 or 11, then it's annoyingly loud and you can't sleep.
"Hell yea, it's time to RAGE!"
"I'll party tonight since everyone else is."
It depends on the people.
7. The swell is in.
You spend every moment possible in the water with a board.
You try and surf. Maybe you succeed, maybe you don't.
Maybe you try and surf, but after the first hour you're done. You celebrate with a beer on the beach.
You get out there since the swell is in, but it all depends on how much time you have left in that area, and whether or not you like surfing.
8. Someone steals your food out of the community fridge.
You up and leave this place, you thought you could trust these people.
You put a fresh sandwich in the fridge with laxative or LSD.
"That's the way things go I guess."
"f--- it, I'm taking this beer then."
9. A local offers you a cooked meal of who knows what and some home made moonshine. The food looks sketchy...
"I guess i should, I don't want to be rude."
"I've done this enough to know that I will probably be ok."
"No way, I don't want to risk getting the runs while the swell is in."
You take advantage of the free alcohol, and then end up eating the food that you originally planned on not eating.
10. You're in the same hostel for over 2 weeks. How do you go about laundry?
You find a local laundry service and get your clothes clean.
All your clothes are still clean cause your only in your board shorts or bikini.
You wash your own clothes and hang dry them.
You just don't care.
11. There is a political uprising.
You stay clear. Too much possible danger.
You don't really care, you're here to surf.
You observe as a spectator.
You get involved.
12. Your flying home tomorrow morning, but you're having a GREAT time and you just don't want to leave.
Change the ticket, this is a chance of a lifetime.
Miss the flight, spend it all, make a call home for more money.
Buck up and get going to the airport so you don't miss the flight.
Depends on the swell.

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