What kind of sitcom character are you?

Situational comedies (sitcoms for those not in the know) have long held a special place in our hearts. And how could they not? Everyone remembers the wacky antics of characters from "Seinfeld" or the lovable escapades of Lucy in "I Love Lucy."

Ever wonder where you would fit into all this? If your life had a live studio audience, would it be laughing at you? Or would you be too cool to pay attention? Take the quiz and find out just what type of sitcom character you are.

Created by: Jessica DeCandia of UNscripted
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3. Friends are coming over for dinner. How do you prepare?
You labor for hours over a hot stove. You're geared for an enjoyable, but predictable night.
You quickly try to whip together a meal that you thought was ready an hour ago. Half the cake is on the floor by the time they arrive, but that's OK, they know you tried.
You forgot you ever invited them. At the last minute, you pick up some fast food and hope that flies.
You do nothing at all. You're hoping to crash at your brother's house for the day, and he wouldn't mind another mouth to feed. You're family, after all.
You check out what the Smiths across the street are having. They wouldn't mind you borrowing their recipes for the night, right?
4. What are you most proud of?
Your tennis racket bug zapper. You can't wait to show the rest of your family.
Your binoculars. How else could you keep up with the Joneses?
Your balanced lifestyle.
Your leather jacket.
Your ability to patch up often embarrassing events.
5. What would a normal day at work involve for you?
Accidentally printing out 99 copies of the memo you were supposed to have read last week.
Work? You don't work. You're too much of a free spirit.
Long hours of boredom.
Comparing what the guy in the cubicle next to yours is doing.
Running a business that sells obscure novelty items until it tanks, and you end up having to crash at your cousin's place.
6. When people describe you, they usually say ...
you're predictable.
you mean well.
you're a mooch.
you're a prankster.
you're nosy.
7. When you leave the house, how does it look?
lived in
exactly the same as your neighbors'
just the way you like it, which can change every week
mostly clean, except for that place where you fell and dropped last night's meal all over the place
8. What one word describes you best?
9. After a tough day, how do you feel?
frustrated because you don't like when things get unpredictable
cautiously optimistic
cheerful ... it takes a lot to get you down
lonely until you find someone to talk to about your day
10. What's your musical preference?
Whatever the person next to you is listening to
rock 'n' roll
11. At a party, you'll usually be found ...
looking for a date.
dancing, or at least trying to.
spreading gossip.
discussing world issues in the back where the music isn't so loud.
annoying your family by sharing embarrassing baby photos.
12. What do you like to do in your free time?
read a book
spend time with your family
find out what other are doing ... you wouldn't want to fall behind the times
whatever you want ... you move to your own beat
helping others ... and trying not to trip in the process

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