What Kind Of Residence Are You?

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sanspays said:
Jun 23 '12, 9:10PM

What utter garbage. I gather this nitwit quizz was another product of public education. The Party Hardy Moron crowd which will never wind up in a mansion lacking the brains and ambition to acquire one. How stupid can you be when you actually think you can judge what type of home anyone is suited to based on YOUR choices of music, pasttimes, sports and the rest of the garbage in your asinine quizz. Let me guess...you're a body-piercing, tatooed twit whose makeup would put Tammy Faye Baker to shame with an IQ less than your belt size. Please don't vote.

FurbyGirl said:
Oct 11 '11, 8:23AM

Shack. Tottally describes me!!

DragonKitty said:
Feb 6 '11, 3:10PM

Townhouse. It says I am social. I am NOT social at all....

pyrowolf said:
Jan 25 '11, 8:52PM

Mansion! party at my place! WOO!

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