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TheChicGeek said:
Jan 4 '09, 9:45PM

Looks like I'm a dedicated reader. I like that :)

LikeOmgIRock said:
Sep 18 '08, 1:26PM

hell ya. dedicated reader.

(EdWaRdC uLlEnFoReVeR!!!!)

twilight, wuthing heights, new moon, eclipse, jane eyre, breaking dawn,Criss Cross, (my last few weeks books)

vampires own.

randomn ess...

reading rocks. <3

Samantha said:
Jul 31 '08, 2:32AM

im a book snob ???????????? but i read for fun

samisuessy said:
Jul 27 '08, 4:02PM

Literate good citizen, lol.
somewhat true.
but i think i'm a dedicated reader.

Dunno said:
Jul 26 '08, 11:50AM

i only read comic books

Wolflover said:
Jul 18 '08, 9:39AM

whooo! i m a dedicated reader!!!!!! o yeah!!!!

gh2008 said:
May 26 '08, 12:08AM

dude, this quiz is way accurate! the description it gave me was the exact way i am!!!

cnmnluvr said:
May 14 '08, 6:37PM

It was a somewhat decent quiz--the end result of dedicated reader is right. I found that for most of the questions NONE of the answers fit me. For example, I chose 'Never. They're crap' for the cliff note question, but the reasoning was totally off. For me it's 'Never. I actually enjoyed reading the novels, finished it the night I recieved it, and I never even thought of cliff notes.'

novelnance said:
Apr 20 '08, 12:10PM

Thanks piglet I'll give it a try!

Brewcrew08 said:
Apr 14 '08, 10:20PM

Im a Obsessive Compulsive Bookworm!! lol :)

pixl8edkat said:
Jan 13 '08, 2:35AM

Your Result: Dedicated Reader

You are always trying to find the time to get back to your book. You are convinced that the world would be a much better place if only everyone read more.

Literate Good Citizen
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Book Snob
Fad Reader

* I am a dedicated reader. I happen to be reading 2 non-fictions at the same time, want to start in on "Sweeney Todd" THE BOOK!, was trying to start a classic - THe Dark Tower series 1st book.... but yeah... I have 1 too many books "to read".
BTW - WTF? Who reads to impress anyway? That's just stupid. LMFAO

zenis15 said:
Jan 6 '08, 8:23PM

This quiz is right.I am a literate good citezen.

cameron said:
Jan 6 '08, 5:47PM

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Non-Reader

You always prefer to see the movie. Bookstores make you nervous, so you avoid them. You think people who read are often doing it to make you look dumb.

Fad Reader
Book Snob
Literate Good Citizen
Dedicated Reader
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
i hate to read

dolphin07 said:
Nov 27 '07, 2:20AM

Im A Fad Reader. Thats Right. But I Luv Me Some Stephen King. Pet Semetary Wuz Off The Chain.

Foxykitten350234 said:
Nov 3 '07, 3:35AM

What kind of book lover would put a book in their check-in luggage? Airlines loose luggage!

Liz said:
Oct 27 '07, 2:32PM

I AM a book snob, but I definitely don't read to impress others. Got that wrong.

kfay said:
Oct 19 '07, 9:13PM

Needs a question about library usage...
My library card is:
a) in it's own dedicated slot in my wallet.
b) um, somewhere around here.
c) What library card?

SSNarwhal said:
Oct 18 '07, 12:28PM

Perhaps, with respect to books, I may be "selective". (there are very few female authors I bother with) But that dislike of women authors does not translate into everyday life. I doubt any of my friends would think me a "snob" or misogynist. Its strictly an issue of content and style. There are some great women authors, and I have read them both. SSNarwhal

charlie said:
Oct 14 '07, 7:53AM

Funny you ask about books in an online quiz, but you don't ask about online reading...

dr c

quezz said:
Oct 14 '07, 1:07AM

I definitely think that Question 6 should be boxes so that you can choose more than one. I fit at least two categories for that question!

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