What Kind of Rat Are You?

Agouti, Rex, Dumbo, Dalmatian, Siamese, Russian blue, Self, Fawn, Silvered, Black, Hooded, Masked, Capped, Van, Variegated, Chocolate, Black eyed white, pink eyed white. There are so many different kinds of rats, makes you wonder, What kind of rat are you? Where in the cage do you fit in?

Find out what kind of rat you are! Whether you are blue hooded pet store rat or a dumbo champaign rex rescue rat, take the test here to find out where you fit! We'll meet you after words for some pea fishing and maybe a few Yogurt drops if you're good enough.

Created by: Liz of Mainely Rat Rescue
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How graceful are you?
I trip over everything, worse, i alwayse manage to break something in the process!
Very! I have to be, i bruise so easy.
Yeah, I trip once in a while like everyone else, but I don't know if i'm a cluts really..
Graceful? Who cares anyway?
I gee... i dunno.. do i LOOK graceful?
I alwayse see hazards before i trip over them.
4. What kind of clothes do you fancy?
Nothing too fancy, i alwayse spill something on them anyway.
Lacey or silky, My skin is very sensitive so i have to careful what i buy
Oh , anything really.
I like dark clothes. Or designer.
Nice button up shirts and khakis... or a lab coat.
5. What kind of Flowers do you like?
Fake ones, I kill real ones. j^j
I'm allergic to most flowers
I like ferns and trees and dandylions, maybe daisies too
Exotic flowers
Flowers ? Are you joking?
6. What's your favorite drink?
Something with sprinkles or bright colors
Alcohol makes me ill. =P
a beer , thanks.
Pina colada or Strawberry Daiquiri
7. What's your Volume Level?
I start out on medium then get louder.. and louder.
ssshhhhh. I have sensitive ears.
right in the middle i think,.
very quiet... like Mute.
LOUD. Crank it up baby!
8. Science?
Yes please!
No thank you
Beakers and microscopes are too breakable.
That's for nerds.
I'm not... horrible at it.
It helps for a lot of producst, like cosmetics and skin lotions..
9. Favorite TV station?
Cartoon Network!
History Channel
Whatever's on
10. Look! A baby! and... it's got candy..
Gimme the candy!
Candy is bad for babbies.
Who cares?
Oh gawd. Babies are fragile, and I'm a cluts.. i should just stay away.
Eeeew... baby.
11. Sunlight?
Sunshine Lolipops and Rainbows everywhere!
I Burn.
Tans are hot
What's that?
My computer is my sunlight.
12. color?
red, blue, yellow
subdued tans
Black is every color in pigmant, but in LIGHT, white is every color. interesting , huh?
13. What do you take out of the bowl first?
sunflower seeds
Lab Blocks
Sugary cereal
I scavange for my own food.

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