What kind of Pizza are YOU

Many people like pizza. Infact, most american's do. But ever wonder what kind of pizza are YOU? Need a new fave pizza to match your personality? Try this quiz.

The outcomes may or may not be about you. It's all up to the pizza gods, and only you can answer their questions. A once-in-a-lifetime oppertunity! (maybe)

Created by: Kalina of this site
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3. You see a person with a purse. It's just plain blue denium purse. What's running through your mind?
Ew, where did she get that?
OMG that would look great in purple and green spots...with buttons all over it...and stickers...
I don't like purses
That's an ok purse. It probably would look better with maybe some buttons...or maybe she's good with a clutch
I like that purse!
4. You rushing outside a store, running late for your hair cut. Someone you know but aren't really friends with pulls you over to talk. You really can't.
Say "Sorry but I'm in a rush"
Ignore em
What? I KNOW somebody?
Say "I'm running late for a haircut. Wanna meet up after?"
Say "Hi. Bye."
Say "Escuse me but the evil Indians are waiting to massacre my scalp."
5. You are at the pool when you see someone else from your school having a birthday party.
It figures. I'm always gonna be the loser *sobs*
WHAT! OMG I wasn't invited. Loozers!
Whatever. I'm not good friends with them anyway.
Spy on them.
Poop in the pool so they have to close it and the party's ruined.
Are a little dissapointed, but continue to have fun at the pool.
6. You are rushing down the hall when you bump into your crush and spill all his books
Say "Oh my gosh I am so sorry!" And help him clean up.
Say "Oops, looks like the Clusmy moster is here today!"
Say "Like, sorry." And walk away.
Help him clean up then run away.
Run away.
Say sorry and then watch him clean up.
7. You are eating yogurt at lunch. What kind?
Super Low, Low fat Strawberry. Of course, no sugar.
Mmm... Strawberry Banana
Banana Nut
8. What's your favorite sport?
Soccer, basketball ocasionally
Ew! I'd like, chip a nail and get all sweaty
I'm not really athletic
9. You're out shopping and you see two cute guys from your grade. Just as you're about to say hi, your mom comes rushing up to you with granny panties for you. The guys are ROTFL.
You laugh too, and later tell them that you do NOT wear that kind of underwear.
Run away sobbing. How will you live?
Say "I wear them. So what, don't you??"
10. You are in the middle of a phone call when your little bro/sis barges into the room demanding you play dress up or tanks or something annoying.
Ignore them.
Say "I got to go" and play dress up. You have nothing better to do.
Put your hand on the phone and say "Not now!'
Say to your friend "The little alien from mars is in my house. I have to dissolve him. BRB."
11. You are watching your fave show when your dad comes in demanding he watches "The Game."
You swallow the remote so he can't have it.
Let him watch his show and you watch yours in another room
You say "No way daddy why don't you go to a friend's house and watch it"
You let him have his way and sulk in your room.
12. You are going out to eat. Where do you go?
Some fancy place you can't pronounce
Joe's Pizza or Sushi-Zen
I'd rather stay home
13. You need to go to the bathroom really REALLY badly. Too bad theres a line down the hallway. It must have been the lunch food...but you need to go NOW!
Push in front of everyone
Say, "I'm the PeePee Queen! I can pee pee before ANYONE else! That includes you!"
Go to the other bathroom on the other side of the building. Your gonna have to run, but no line.
Hide in a corner and pee in your pants
14. You are at the ice-cream store with all your friends. What do you get?
I...I'm actually with FRIENDS???
Vanilla with chocolate chips
Piscatchio and strawberrys with prune whip
Strawberry sparkle with splarkle sprinkles!

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