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People don't know who they are dating. Do you know who you are dating? Question. Do you even know who you are yourself? Well this is the perfect quiz that you, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your friends, etc. can take to figure out who you are.

What kind of person are you? Are you a player? Someone who takes advantage of people who want a relationship. A user? Someone who only wants to date you until they find someone better. The girl or guy for someone else? A hurt person, but the girl or guy for someone else? Or are you a loner who will take longer time to love than others.

Created by: jacharity
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3. You are at a party. You thinks it's a bust and you are about to leave until you see a beautiful girl/handsome guy that walks into the party. You...
walk up to her/him and say what's up baby?
walk up to her/him and ask how they are doing
don't care unless they talk to you
hang back and hope that they will talk to you
Walk up to her/him and ask do they want a drink and do they want to hang out
walk up to her/him and try and become friends
4. You go to the movie as a date with the person from the party. You..
bring (female)them flowers/give(male) them a kiss on the cheek
try sharing a drink and/or do the yawn over the shoulder trick.
make little conversation as possible.
try to be friends and try not to like them more than that
puts your hand on their knee while at the movies
5. They had a great time with you. They want to go on another date with you. Your answer is...
I don't know.
I'd love too.
Alright, but this time maybe at my house.
I'd love too, but as friends OK?
Alright, but this time maybe at my house when my parents are not home.
6. You come over to surprise your date/friend. Their hotter sister/brother answers the door. You...
ask for your date/friend.
whistle at them.
stare at them before asking for your date/friend.
look away and ask for your date/friend.
ask for your date/friend in a whisper.
7. You promise to go on a date with your date/friend. You forgot to reserve something. You...
admit that you forgot and ask for forgiveness.
admit you forgot and ask could you go to the park or something.
pretend that you remember and take them to a fast food restaurant.
take them to a restaurant anyway and apologize and admit you forgot there.
say you forgot and say you can leave and you understand if they do.
8. She/you are prengnant. You...
Tell them and get an abortion.
Ask to put it up for an adoption.
don't know.
want to keep the baby
want to do what's right for the baby and keep it.
9. She/he decide to ask you to marry them. You say...
it was a nice run, but I just don't feel the same about you anymore
i'd love too.
i have to think about it
10. You're engaged. You guys are about to move in with each other in three months. You say...
it's over.
i've met someone better
i'm sorry it's over
I can't wait to be with you
you still want to be with me?
you really want to be with me?
11. You move in together and are married. You...
start to cheat
show them love
hug them and thank them for being the one
take them on a date
look for someone better behind there back because it's only temporary.
12. The baby is born. You...
put it up for adoption.
name the baby.
tell him/her how happy you are
tell him/her how much you love them and the baby and are happy to be with them.
leave while she/you in hospital.

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