what kind of parent are you?

we know you love your kids but are you the parent you think you are or are you just faking it until the kids are self sufficent? find out if you should of had kids to begin with or if you should of kept it in your pants.just remember noone is perfect and our kids will hate us at some point or another.

will your children hate you in the coming years? theres only one way to find out take the quiz and see just what kind of parent you are! find out if you let mom and dad step in too much or if you have kids that make the rest of us green with envy. whether you always have the latest parenting magizine or do what you know works best find out where you fall on the parenting scale.

Created by: amber
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. its your first night out with out baby ,the only thing on your mind is...
should i call the sitter?
yes! i can drink again!!!
the nanny can handle it.
is that guy/girl over there checking me out?
i know i left detailed instructions but i really think i should call the sitter.
mom and dad dont care if i come home tonight lets hit the after party!
4. the baby is crying what do you do?
mom will get him/her
it will stop soon wont it?
new diaper, bottle , rocking, keep trying till something works
my baby never cries
i dont know ..turn on the music
cry with him/her because youve tried everything and its not working
5. junior has a diaper rash.. what do you do?
baking soda baths and butt cream till its gone
to the doctor it is that just cant be right!
what was that mom said??
ha! my child is perfect
i dont know i never really looked when i took the diaper off
6. little susie fell down and busted her lip how do you react?
oh my GOD someone call 911!!!
my child has perfect balance
hey honey youre okay lets have a look at it
7. when the ept test showed two lines what were your thoughts..
yes..the invitro finnally paid off
oh my God.. this cant be right
what test i just showed up in labor one day
wow.. i didnt think it would happen so soon
8. by age five your child knows the following..
abc's, 123's,address, phone number, parents name
lyrics to ridin' dirty
how to eat his buggers without getting caught
reads on 3rd grade level
9. at age four your child tells you what he/she wants to be when they grow up it is...
a pimp
on probation just like mommys friend uncle tony!
10. your child is arrested at age 14 you..
bail him/her out
are in there with them
let them sit it out a night
my child is already in college by then and never gets into trouble
11. little susie comes home prego at 12 you...
high five her telling her how much child support and state assistance she can get now
tell her to go shack up with junior since thats what got her here in the first place
my child is waitin for marriage
sit her down and cover all of her options throughly
12. what will be your childs most constant memory of you
hung over puking the next morning
your random visits to see him/her at grandmas
mom frantic and looking for that article about child rearing
visits to the park
the nanny telling of mommys great adventures

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