What kind of lottery winner will you be?

Do you like playing the lottery? What do you plan to do if you win? What type of person are you? Will your money go to your head? Will you wind up in the pages of some scandal sheet?

This quiz reveals five types of lottery winner. Which one are you? Take this quiz today and find out. Then think about your results. Do you like the person you might become?

Created by: iansValkyrie
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you had a million dollars to spend, what would you buy first?
Vaccinations for the poor.
All your favorite high-tech gadgets.
Paint, canvas, and a fully equipped studio, with skylight.
A sponsored table for twenty at the nominating convention of your favorite political party.
The latest fashion accessories.
4. Will you give money to any person or cause?
Yes, to organizations like Habitat for Humanity.
Yes, to the Sierra Club.
Yes, to the John Birch Society(if conservative) or to the ACLU(if libertarian or liberal).
Yes, to the National Endowment for the Arts.
Are you kidding? I'm going shopping at Comp USA!
5. Where will you move?
San Francisco here I come!
I'm staying where I am. I want all my money to go to good causes.
The biggest mansion in Beverly Hills. They will be featuring my house on Cribs any day now!
A condo within driving distance of the Beltway. I want to be close enough to keep my finger on the pulse of government.
A loft in Manhattan, a beach mansion in Maine, or maybe a little villa in Italy. Who knows!
6. What will you use for transportation?
A good polo pony.
A Porsche, of course.
My own private jet. It will be so plush Elvis Presley would've felt overwhelmed.
The latest hybrid. I want to protect the environment for the children of the future.
My legs work just fine, thanks. Why should the auto makers get my hard-earned dough?
7. Will you hire any help?
I will set up an internship program.
A maid, gardener, personal trainer, and private secretary.
A bodyguard.
I will set up a training program for disadvantaged youth.
I would hire someone to screen my calls.
8. Will you hire a publicist?
Yes, to help get my message out to those who can contribute to the cause.
Yes, so that I can reach the largest possible audience.
Yes, to keep my name in all the best publications.
Why should I give my hard-earned cash to someone else?
No, I prefer to let my work speak for itself.
9. You are asked to appear on Oprah. What will you discuss?
Your upcoming entry into rehab.
The success of your well-drilling program in the Fertile Crescent.
The need for oversight of the latest Congressional committee.
Why orphanages and workhouses should be reinstated.
Your latest performance piece.
10. An old friend sees you at the premiere of the latest movie. She seems sad. When you ask about it, she tells you of a myriad of woes, some of which could be eradicated by a quick infusion of cash. She doesn't ask outright, but you know she'd like the help.
You hire her to direct your latest project: inner-city playground remodeling.
You look at her like she just grew a second head, and back out of the conversation as fast as you can.
You tell her about the new art center you just opened, and ask her to be a department head, at a competitive salary.
You invite her to use your summer house in Miami.
You tell her about a new government program designed for situations just like hers.
11. With whom will you share your millions?
Everyone who is suffering.
Me! It's all mine!
Anyone who has something to add to the fabric of society.
Anyone who can help this country get out of the mess it's in.
All my crew!
12. Will you set up any trusts for after you die, to carry on your work?
Yes, I want to ensure that everything will continue to improve after I am gone.
No way! I'm going to spend it all.
Yes, I want to ensure that beauty and elegance are included in daily life.
I will. The right agencies can accomplish a great deal if they have secure funding sources.
It depends. I'm having a lot of fun right now. I'll think about the future when it comes.

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