What Kind of Fairy Are You?

Fairies come from a Realm that is near the human world but isn't a part of it. There are many fairies in humanspace, watching us, living amongst us. I have done a survey and found that there are eight major types.

Which type of fairy would you be if you were a fairy? While these aren't the exact types from my novel, Survival of the Fairest, I think you'll have fun answering the quiz questions. Enjoy!

Created by: Jody Wallace of Jody Wallace, Author
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do you like to do with your free time?
Surf the internet, play video games, talk on my cellphone.
Who has free time? I have a house to clean, kids to take care of, a job....
Read and watch movies.
Take a long, soaky bath in blissful silence.
Get with a romantic partner and...censored!
Catch a show, go to a museum, go antiquing, get out of the house.
4. At dinnertime, what's likely to be on your table?
All natural vegan deliciousness
Steak and taters
Some sushi, maybe a little hummus, a wild assortment of yummies
I just got this recipe for a zucchini, tomato and cheese casserole but it didn't turn out.
Something somebody else made. I don't cook. Ever.
Me! Woohoo!
5. What do you do to blend successfully with the human race so they won't know you're from another Realm?
I avoid them. All of them. Humans stink.
I appear threatening and aggressive so they won't look too close.
Oh, I just blend in, you know, we're really not that different.
I make sure they all like me by fitting into their social norms.
I party with them and sometimes get them drunk if they're starting to look suspicious.
I don't know. I guess I wear...grey? I try to be inconspicuous.
6. What kinds of magic powers do you have?
The power of hoodoo! Ok, seriously. I have the power of bringing party to the people.
I have the power to kick your butt off my lawn.
I can heal plants and animals.
I have mastered the power of the dark vortex, and no, I'm not telling what that is.
I have the power to see the good side in anything and even help bring it to fruition
I am sheer genius in the kitchen.
7. What is your prized possession?
The Earth! It is ours and we must care for it accordingly, all of us, together.
My computer and my media center. Hey, don't touch that!
My Harley.
It's a toss up between my professional range in the kitchen and my beautiful herb garden.
My SOLITUTDE! Now scram!
My art collection.
8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would give myself the ability to time travel so I could do more things in twenty four short hours a day.
I would wire myself to be hooked up to cyberspace at all times, like a human computer.
I wish I had more will-power when it came to food.
I would like to have a better memory.
I would like to be more personable and less shy.
I wish I could control my temper!
9. What are your favorite types of movies and television programs?
Action Adventure
Documentaries and educational programs
Dark, angsty stuff that might have a sad ending
I do not watch enough tv and movies to specify.
10. Do you have a large circle of friends?
I am friends with everyone after I meet them.
I hate people.
I have a few close friends whose company I enjoy.
I know a lot of posers who THINK we're friends.
I know a few people but I'd love to have more friends.
Does it count when everyone you know is from the internet and you never see them in real life?
11. What types of clothing are you most likely to wear?
Black, leather, silver studded items, stuff that shows off my tats. Maybe some red silk.
Shiny, sparkly, glossy, fun stuff!
Comfy items that may have a few stains.
Natural organic fibers.
Tshirts with snarky sayings and jeans.
I need a lot of pockets for my MP3, my PDA, my Gameboy, my extra thumbdrives, my camera, my wallet, my...
12. If somebody wrote your biography, what type of book would it be?
Exciting, scandalous and marvelous all around.
A dark, reflective piece that explored the human condition
An enjoyable, funny read about mishaps and home life
It would be very short and boring.
I wouldn't let somebody write my story, I'm way too private.
A heroic, inspiring tale of the quest to save the Earth, or at least my little part of it.
13. What is your house or apartment like?
It is a welcoming, comfortable haven from the rest of the world.
I have a lot of make-shift furniture and concrete blocks, spraypaint on the walls, that sort of thing.
It is very environmentally green and adheres to the principles of feng shui.
It is full of awesome computers and tech and I think there's a microwave somewhere in there too.
Well, it looks kind of dark, damp and cavelike.
I dwell in Nature and have no need of a roof.
14. How do you feel about technology and human advancements?
They are the bane of the Earth, separating us from Nature and each other.
If that includes advancements in the kitchen, it's better than open fires.
I wish they'd adance their technology even more. Technology is the future.
I am particularly fond of motorcycles instead of horses
It makes too much noise. They need to make stuff be quieter.
Oooh, shiny!
15. Do you believe in true love?
I want to believe but I'm not sure it ever really happens.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
I believe there can be many loves in my life, and several might even be true.
No, people are too selfish.
I believe you can love and be loved if you work very hard at it.
Well, I've had some false love. I think it's like false labor. But eventually both will happen!
16. What is your favorite color?
Anything sparkly.
Greens and blues
The color of chocolate!
Pink? No, blue. Well, maybe purple?
17. Back in the fairy Realm, you were...
Popular, the center of attention, rich and sought after!
A renouned healer and chef and I could even cook without using magic!
Nobody, just like I am here.
Bored to death. The fairy Realm doesn't have computers and technology. It's all magic this, magic that, blah blah blah.
A highly skilled anishag and gnome removal expert. And sometimes I worked security details.
A specialist in tactile and visual permanent art. None of these short-lived illusions!
18. You came to humanspace because you....
Sort of, maybe, got kicked out of the court for partying too much.
Wanted to spread the appreciation of the Earth to humans and ensure the health of the planet.
Can use computers here, and I wasn't great at magic anyway.
Wanted to sample all the flavors and tastes that humanity and their food have to offer!
Thought I could FINALLY get away from all you jerks.
Loved the idea of being the superior species amongst the non-magical, ignorant humans.
19. What would cause you to return to the fairy Realm at some point in the future?
If my family there needed me, I might go, but I'd have to take my family here with me.
Civil war, and my martial arts skills were required.
If somebody was holding a gun to my head and took all my computers.
If the Earth was imbalance and I needed to set it to rights on both sides of the divide.
A rockin' party!
To encourage the trade of art and artifacts between our peoples, or maybe if they asked me to run the Human art gallery in the capital city.
20. What kind of fairy do you THINK you're going to be?
A hot, sexy elf babe!
A kind, helpful brownie.
An evil or otherwise malicious sprite.
A water spirit or something? Gosh, I don't know.
A pixie with a paintbrush!
A cyber boggart of some sort.

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