What kind of dog is right for you?

People everywhere want dogs! They are adorable fun and loving! But how do you know what kind of dog is right for you? The size, look, and traits of a dog are all important factors in picking the right dog for you, as well as understanding the needs of you and your family. A dog can be an amazing addition to your family, so pick the right one!

Take this quiz to figure out what type of dog is right for you. All of these questions are configured to help you figure out what type of dog will be best for you and your family. Your family (and your new dog!) will thank you for picking the right pooch!

Created by: Jane Smith
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What size dog would you like to have?
I want a super tiny little baby!
I want a small, manageable dog.
I want a medium, normal sized dog.
I want a biiig doggie!
I want the biggest dog you can find... times 2!
I don't care what size it is as long as we can be best friends!
4. What is your favorite color?
All colors are equally awesome!
5. Money?
I'm barely scraping by.
I suppose I'm doing alright
I could do a little better.
I am fine as far as finances go.
I have cash.
My diamond has a spot. Butler?! ($$$$$)
6. How much space do you have?
There is no space, my bed and my fridge are touching.
Space is tight, I have a little, no backyard. (studio apartment)
I have a decent amount of space, small backyard. (apartment)
Space is not an issue, medium backyard. (condo, duplex, small house)
There is plenty of space, big backyard. (big house)
I bike from one end of my house to the other, I own a state park. (mansion, farm) ;)
7. Do you care what your dog looks like?
That's like all that matters.
A little.
Not really.
It's what he looks like on the inside that matters, his color and shape matter not to me.
8. Will you want to dress your dog?
ALWAYS, satin or cashmere?
9. Do you have kids/are their kids in your family?
10. If you answered "yes" to question #9, how many kids do you have?
I answered "no" to question #9.
I am expecting my first!
I have one.
I have two-four.
I have over five or more! I am busy!
Regardless of how many I have now, the coming (10-15) years may bring my first/more kids!
11. If you answered "yes" to #9, what are your kids ages.
My youngest is a baby.
My youngest is a toddler.
My youngest is in elementary school.
My youngest is in middle or high school.
I answered "no" to #9.
12. Do you like surprises?
I live for surprises!!!
A little, so-so, sometimes.
13. Do you often have a hard time deciding what to buy when shopping because you only have so much money, but you want too many things?
No, I know what I want.
Not really.
ALL THE TIME! Are you reading my mind?
14. Do you enjoy exercise?
I exercise (in some form) for a living.
I am average-active.
I wish I was more active, exercise just isn't my thing.
15. Do you travel often; for business, enjoyment, family, or any other reasons?
I am always in planes, trains or cars, always.
I occasionally visit family, take a vacation or travel on business.
I don't travel, maybe once a year I leave my home, maximum.
16. Do you have any other pets?
17. Do you have other dog(s)?
18. Do you have any cats or other pets that roam freely around your house sometimes or all the time?
19. Do you have any experience with dogs or other pets?
A ton, I've never been without pets!
A little experience, but not extensive.
Basically none.
20. How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dog?
Everything, my dog will be my top priority.
Some things, I will love my dog but some stuff will be more important.
My life aside from my dog needs to stay the way it is, my dog can't be a deciding factor in anything.
21. How would you feel about a mixed breed dog? (example: a cross between a yorkie and a poodle: a yorkiepoo)
That would be awesome!
I don't have a preference.
I don't think I'd like that. I want a purebreed.
22. How would you feel about adopting a shelter dog?
I would love to rescue a dog! Sign me up!
No preference.
I would strongly prefer a purebred.
23. What role will your dog play in your life?
my loving companion
my exercise buddy
my travel pal
my baby
my kids playmate
my best friend
24. How good are you at managing chaos?
I'm a pro! Life has prepared me for anything!
I'm ok I guess.
Please, no chaos, anything but a mess!!!
25. Is the dog more for you or your kids?
My kids
It will be a family dog, for everybody.
26. Lifespan?
The dog must live for a very very very long time!
Probably mediumish type of lifespan.
Short, I kinda want a temporary arrangement.
27. Will you expose your dog too many different situations?
we will travel a lot, he will walk around the city, go to the dog park, play with kids, adults, there won't be anything my dog won't see!
probably average, nothing major though
he will be my baby and stay inside my house where nothing will bother him
28. How much time will you have for your dog per day?
less than a half hour
between a half hour and two hours
between two and four hours
i will be at home with my dog all day
29. How often do you see something in a store that you wish your could change a few things about, and then it would be perfect?
all the time! every time i go shopping i wish that i could tweak the merchandise just a bit, like change the color or something
occasionally, but normally i just go with it
never, i think things look pretty the way they are
30. What is the thing you like most about dogs?
their cuteness, i luv puppies!!!
their undying loyalty and love, so sweet
their sense of friendship and fun :):):)

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